The Summer Internship in Nordea is unique because …

Next week, our new summer interns in Oslo have their first day in Nordea Markets. You will get to know them better during the summer, but as a start, we thought it would be nice to know why they chose to apply for a summer internship in Nordea Markets. We were also wondering if they are having some expectations for the summer. We asked, and here you get the answers – meet Josefine who’s already with us, and hear why she thinks the summer internship in Nordea is unique:

Summer Internship in Nordea is unique because ...Josefine Slinde Birkeland

Why did you apply to Nordea Markets Summer Internship?
I applied to Nordea Markets summer internship because I wanted to get experience from one of the top finance firms in the Nordics. Previously I have had an internship in Norges Bank where I acquired some experience as to what it means to work with Economics, and I am eager to switch over to a more commercial field and work within finance at Nordea.

Which business area(s) interests you the most?
I am currently undertaking a Master of Science in Business with Major in Finance at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, and I start my final year this fall.

For my master thesis I have chosen a subject under Risk Management,and I am looking forward to get some practical experience within this field as well as in Markets in general.

What are you especially excited about – hope for?
The summer internship in Nordea is unique because I will get to meet different departments of Markets, as well as it offers a great opportunity for learning and networking through participating in the Nordea Markets Summer Academy. All in all, I hope and think it will be a summer with lots of fun, learning and hard work, and I am prepared to give it my all to make a great contribution as a Summer Intern!


Summer Internship in Nordea is unique because ...Christopher Robin Vinter

Why did you apply to Nordea Markets Summer Internship?
I applied to Nordea Markets Internship to get practical experience in my field of study. Through my bachelor in Accounting and Finance I have gained theoretical knowledge about finance, but not sufficient practical understanding. Therefore, I am thrilled to be working along experienced employees for 8 weeks, and learn in practice what I have seen in theory. Additionally, I see an Internship in Nordea Markets as a great way to test my abilities and challenge myself beyond studying.

I was also excited about Nordea Markets Summer Academy, as it will provide an opportunity to learn more about a broad range of business areas, as well as connecting with the rest of the Graduates and summer interns in Nordea. Nordea in itself was an attractive employee, with it being a large bank that operates in many business areas providing lots of different opportunities.

Which business areas interest you most?
Within finance there are many interesting fields, for example Equities, Foreign Exchange and Fixed Income. Also, the influence of macroeconomics and politics on asset prices and the corresponding fast changing market conditions interests me. I am therefore excited to be working in FICC, as I will have the opportunity to learn about varied areas of interests, and hopefully understand what in practice interest me the most. Having only seen finance from the outside, I am very excited about this.

What are you especially excited about/ hope for?
I am especially eager to work with such competent employees. With more than 90 employees in Markets and Nordea being one of the biggest investment banks in Scandinavia, I am sure I will take great benefit from my 8 week stay at Nordea Markets. Also, I hope I will get a much deeper understanding of how assets prices move, and a better understanding of how events impact on them. Moreover, by getting practical experience I will be able to more specifically specialize my future studies and career commencement.

Stay tuned, and meet Josefine’s and Christopher’s fellow summer interns, Asbjørn and Anders, tomorrow.

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