A graduate network you don’t want to miss out on

The cross-graduate network is expanding, and the ambitions are sky-high. With this network, graduates get unique experiences across industries.

The cross-graduate network is expanding, and the ambitions are sky-high. With this network, graduates get unique experiences across industries.

Since the last time we visited the cross-graduate network, there have been two insightful events, including one at Nordea’s headquarter in Copenhagen. We talked with one of the graduates in the steering committee of the network, Kristen Flanagan, about the event at Nordea, the network in general and the gains and insights it has brought since it was founded 18 months ago.

Nordea’s Graduate event – Sold out after 10 minutes

The invitation went out – and shortly after, it wasn’t possible to get a seat for the graduate event at Nordea. In fact, all seats for the event were filled 10 minutes after the sign-up page went live. In total 85 graduates attended from 15 different companies, including Nordea, Microsoft, Danfoss, ATP, William Demant, Ørsted, KPMG, Grundfos, Carlsberg, KMD, Maersk, Valcon, TDC, Novo Nordisk and Falck.

Excited Graduates listing to Nordea’s digital transformation.

Clearly the graduates in the network were interested in hearing about our digital transformation, visiting the Nordea HQ in Copenhagen and learning more about Nordea. Maybe the interest came from the high-profile speakers that Kristen and her two graduate colleagues from Nordea had invited to speak at the event. The speakers gave really inspiring and interesting presentations, which hopefully showed the participants a new side of Nordea – a side that is innovative and ready to win the digital transformation.

Torsten Hagen Jørgensen – Group COO and Deputy CEO.

Ewan MacLeod – Chief Digital Officer.

Torsten Hagen Jørgensen (Group COO and Deputy CEO) talked about our overall strategy, Ewan MacLeod (Chief Digital Officer) discussed how digitalisation is changing the customer experience in every sector and what we are doing as a bank to bring digital to our customers, and Sanela Dulic (Head of Open Banking Development) and Jacob Groth (Head of Mobile Payment Solutions) expanded on this by showing concrete examples of what Nordea is doing to become more collaborative with external partners, improve the customer experience and ultimately change banking for the future.

Besides the professional agenda, Kristen adds, “On the personal side, it was super rewarding to plan the event with Cristina and Søren, and to finally see it come to fruition. We ran a smooth, well-organised event where the graduates learned new things that they can hopefully take with them back to their own organisations and had fun and met new people while doing it.”

“Brought me closer to graduates internally”

With the network, you can form great relationships and meet so many peers across industries who you would have never met otherwise. For Kristen, the network has also brought her closer to some of the Nordea graduates who she didn’t know well before getting involved. Generally, the network has allowed her to learn from other companies and industries, represent Nordea externally and expand her network in Denmark. “The network has brought me closer to graduates internally, which I think is especially important to do when you are from abroad and want to build your career in Denmark – I’m American. The events are always super fun as you get to meet new people in a completely different setting than you’re used to.”

Graduates enjoying the opportunity to network after the insightful presentations.

Because of the interest in the network, the steering committee of the cross-graduate network is considering having a larger-scale event where more graduates can attend, as most of the events have only had capacity for 80-100 people. For Kristen, this is the next goal for the network. “It would be great to organise a larger event since the network currently consists of 40 companies. The network has also expanded to include companies based in Aarhus,” she said.

After the event, we asked the participants to express their opinion about the event – here’s a handful of the responses:

“The presentations were not too long (awesome), and the topics the presenters talked about were really interesting and very on point.”


“The presenters brought some nice insights that we could potentially use within our company.”


“Nordea definitely has a new connotation for me now.”

The graduate network has also visited Carlsberg – read how it went.

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