Alternative career fair with plenty of activities

Corporate Challenge is an active career fair with mental and physical competitions. We had two representatives on the spot - hear their experiences.

Nordea was happy to be part of the Corporate Challenge in Lund earlier this year. The Corporate Challenge is an active career fair arranged by LundaEkonomerna (student network at Lund University School of Economics and Management) with the purpose of matching students with their dream companies.

During the day, students and representatives from corporates – like Nordea – formed teams for competitions and exciting activities around in Lund.

We have talked with two of our representatives about the day and why they think the Corporate Challenge is such a great initiative.

By Aleksandra Sarmes & Thea Stensaker

What is the Corporate Challenge about?

The day was full of fun challenges where teams consisting of company representatives and chosen students were competing in both mental and physical competitions. Through a series of challenges and competitions students got to know us and vice-versa, and thus it was a great opportunity for Nordea to meet talented students in an informal way.

What made the career fair better than traditional events?

The Corporate challenge was a great event as we – as representatives for Nordea – joined in a team with the students and worked together as a group for a full day with lots of interesting challenges. It was more informal than other events and you got to see students in action while performing teamwork.

The Corporate Challenge differs from other student events since we here get together and meet interested and talented students in a fun and relaxed way. The students had the opportunity to both make an impression as well as ask questions during the day. As company representatives, we were able to go into depth when explaining the different possibilities at Nordea, and we got an opportunity to get a closer impression of the talented students. We would summarise it as an exceptional and exciting student event.

What could the students take with them?

The students we talked to saw the whole career fair as an opportunity to learn more about Nordea and the different possibilities in a relaxed setting. We think – and hope – they got a sense of our culture and how we work in a much more efficient way than otherwise possible. What surprised many of the students was the great variety of tasks across teams and departments at Nordea.

What did Nordea achieve from the day?

We met many great students and learned more about their background, aspirations and what they look for in their future place of working. This is valuable for Nordea. Also, we had a lot of fun!

The event was also a good chance to get to know what the students think about Nordea as employer, and it was therefore great to hear how interested some of the students were in Nordea as a future workplace. Some of the students had attended several events where Nordea had participated, and described us as ‘down to earth’ and a nice place to work.

Should Nordea attend next year?

We hope that Nordea will participate next year as the event was a super opportunity to meet ambitious students.

Are you eager to learn more about us and about upcoming events in the Nordics, stay tuned to our Career blog here.

Coming up is an event for female students in Stockholm – we’ve still got a few spots left, sign-up before 18th Nov.:

On 21st November, we hold an event for female students at our HQ in Stockholm. Come an meet us, and hear about career paths and experiences with Nordea from three inspirational speakers, and there will be possibilities to ask all the questions you might have. Read more about the event and sign up at femaleevent18@nordea.comno later than November 18.


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