Fan of horses & flair for finance – Meet graduate Camilla

Horses, ballet, tennis, art, baking and banking, are some of Camilla's many interests. Hear about her graudate life and why Nordea was a clear choice.

In our Graduate series where we follow some of the graduates who joined us in the summer 2019, we’ve introduced you to Matteo, and now Camilla will share her experiences as a graduate in Financial Institutions, based in Stockholm.

My biggest interest is horseback riding, I’m also a beginner ballet dancer and tennis player. Other interests include art, baking, friends and family – and finance ;-).

By Camilla Nydahl (27)

I graduated in 2019 from Stockholm School of Economics; BSc in Business Economics, MSc in Finance. I knew that I wanted to do a structured program after graduating and was already interested in financial institutions and the banking sector due to my experience from previous part-time jobs as a student. To go with the largest Nordic bank was the obvious choice.

Hands-on experience from day 1

I guess you sort of envision what it will be like to work here before you start, and one of the things that I hadn’t imagined and what surprised me the most, is the hands-on experience I got from day one. From the very beginning I was given tasks of my own to work on – and that trust and responsibility you get, I think is great.

Another favorable aspect is, that even though I have a permanent graduate position within the client relationship unit for financial institutions, I have had the opportunity to make shorter visits on the trading floor, enabling me to get a feeling of the vibrant atmosphere within FX Sales, Rates Sales and Trading. I’ve also spent time in Equity research and visited some internal units such as Credit & Rating analysis and Customer due diligence teams.

All these experiences during my rotation have really helped me in understanding Nordea as a bank much better, and also made me grow in my current role.

Advice to applicants – females in particular

Although the capital markets environment is and has been very male dominated, in Nordea and at other banks, I have never felt as if I have been treated differently compared to my male peers. And one of the great things about Nordea is that there are many female role models to look up to – something which I believe is key in order to promote, attract and maintain female talent.

My advice to female applicants who consider a career in finance is to simply just try it out! Also, never turn down an industry or sector based on a belief that you will not fit in.

Good team spirit and great social networking

I am really happy about the good collaborative spirit in my team and the support I get from both team members and my manager, either if it regards help selecting a mentor, arranging rotations or discussing career development.

Also, the graduate group community across the whole bank is great! We meet for weekly lunches, arrange After Work’s and other activities together. Not to mention the boot camps, which you can read about in an upcoming blog from one of my fellow graduates 😊.



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