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Looking back at my summer as FFP at Nordea, I think it’s been the best. We’ve learned so much about the markets and about ourselves - it's been great.

By Iida Herttuainen

The summer season is over, and that means that this year’s Future Finance Professional (FFP) program has come to an end (and the preparations for the next FFP generation has begun, but more about that later).

Looking back at my summer as FFP at Nordea, I think I can speak for all of us, when saying it’s been the best. We’ve learned so much – about financing and the dynamics of the capital markets, sitting at the centre of it all.

On top of a steep learning curve, we also learned a lot about ourselves thanks to all the great Nordea people, we met and worked with, who supported us along the way.

Moreover, I’ve got many new friends during the five months, and I think that’s partly because of the social part of the program which includes a mix of business seminars, get-together-gatherings and fun events, organised especially for us FFPs. Those events make a huge, positive difference. I believe the pictures below from the last social FFP event, say it all (as is the case in the previous FFP blog posts).

We, FFPs (and former FFPs, now so-called Fun Managers and fully Nordea employees) really got to know each other well during the programme. We’ve faced the hardcore world of finance and grown together, and at the end of the day (or five months) we’ve kick-started our careers together and had a great and fun time while doing it.

Butterflies in the stomach – but it went well

Before jumping ahead to the last event of our FFP time at Nordea Markets, I’ll briefly run you through some highlights of the week commencing the final “Party bus” event.

If you’ve read some of our previous blogs, you’ll know that during the programme, we had the opportunity to work on specific summer projects in addition to our daily work. The various topics were provided in June and varied from customer acquisition to pricing hedging solutions. And now, 4-5 months in to the programme, on Thursday afternoon, time had come to present our findings to a panel of project sponsors and other interested audience at Nordea.

With butterflies in the stomach, we presented our discoveries and answered the follow-up questions from the audience. The presentations went well – and it was such a rewarding experience to see how engaged the attending Nordea people; sponsors and managers were in hearing about our projects and discussing our findings.

Then, with great relief – and no more butterflies – it was time to celebrate. So, we headed off on our last FFP event of the summer. The evening started with the Fun Managers guiding us to a bus, which was reserved only for our use for the night. As usual, no information had been given beforehand on the forthcoming activities, but that didn’t matter as we, the FFPs, were excited and ready for yet another adventure.

In short, the evening proceeded by us in the bus driving round Helsinki and Espoo, for starters.

The bus ride ended at a beach where we played traditional Finnish sports activities such as “Mölkky” – and just enjoyed the warm night outside.

After the sports games, the bus ride continued to a well-known nightclub in Helsinki.

We had a GREAT time! Once again, we were spoiled with a fantastic, FFP tailored event – thanks to the Fun managers who had organised yet another exceptional event for us. And big thanks to all the other Nordea people involved in the FFP programme for these five spectacular months of working, learning, networking – and just having a good time.

The pictures above and in our previous blogs speak for themselves – together with a few comments from our final event.

“After a stressful month of preparing the summer projects, it was nice to go out and celebrate with the FFPs – one last time! I’m really going to miss all of this – it’s been five fantastic months“ – Nella Nieminen

“A perfect ending to a perfect FFP summer! The FFPs have really come together as a group during the summer and our last event was all about that group spirit” – Markus Yli-Niemi

Apply for the FFP programme 2020 from 14th Oct. 2019

As we wave good bye to this year’s Future Finance Professionals (of which some might continue their career with us at Nordea Markets), we’re already preparing and looking forward to welcoming the next FFP generation. It could be you!

The application period for the FFP programme 2020 runs from 14th Oct. to 3rd Nov. 2019 – click and apply here.

If you’re applying, better read the blog featuring Uki Lammi (partly responsible for the FFP recruitment) letting in on the recruitment process and share some tips – DOs and DONTs – on what makes a ‘good’ application, one that “stands out from the crowd”. It could be you – give it a go!

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