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Get to know some of the many units and amazing people in Nordea Markets. Meet Thomas - a student working in IT Capital Markets.

Nordea Markets offers exciting opportunities beyond finance and economics. We had a talk with Thomas, a student working in IT Capital Markets.

What is your background and for how long have you worked in IT Capital Markets?
My name is Thomas. I am currently a student at DTU where I’m taking a master in Engineering Management. Through a bachelor in IT and Economy I have developed expertise in programming and software development in general.

I have been with Nordea for almost two years now, since February 2012. I started in the Structured Products Denmark unit (today Investment Products Denmark) in a six month internship. I was hired to develop a test program as a proof-of-concept for starting a real project.

After the 6 months I reached out to the Project Management group in IT Capital Markets. The Project Brief had just been introduced and a need for a web-tool to structure and save all the briefs had occurred. I was set to develop this.

The last 9 months I have been working in the Equity Research and CRM unit. My responsibility has mainly been with Equity Research, developing and supporting the business with web services and other IT solutions. Recently our group has taken over the responsibility for the tool Blox, which I am involved with as well.

What is your team’s role in Nordea Markets?
Equity Research and CRM is a unit in IT Capital Markets. We deliver proper solutions for the business to use when they are analyzing and creating reports for the customers.

In our unit we are responsible for three different tools: RPD, Blox and Nerw. Blox is used by the analysts to create reports. RPD is used by the editors to publish and distribute the reports. Nerw is the website where the reports are being published and where the customers are able to get them.

Can you describe a typical day at work?
We are always responsible for supporting the users. Each day we need to keep updated on whether there are any specific issues. Besides that we start the day with our daily scrum meeting. Here we discuss yesterday’s work and what we are going to do today. Business is continuously providing us with new tasks they want implemented and our manager will then distribute these in the team. The day goes by with working on these, always keeping contact with the business to ensure that we are doing the right things.

What motivates you in Nordea Markets?
For me, the working environment in our team is a big source of motivation. My manager is great at creating a positive atmosphere where there’s room for everyone. I am inspired by my talented colleagues – working with highly skilled people is really motivating. The responsibility I get is another important factor.

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