Case Competition II – Nerve-racking and amazing

They've worked on the case for weeks and never met. Now was the time also to present their solution to management. It was nerve-racking and fun ...

Hear about the winning team’s nerve-racking, rewarding, amazing and inspirational experiences towards, and during, the grand finale in Copenhagen – told by one from the winning team.

First a re-cap; 17 summer interns and students from the four Nordic countries were lined up to compete in the annual Nordea Markets Case Competition (NMCC). The participants were divided into teams and after weeks of collaboration across boarders via Skype, each team got to present their respective solutions in front of a jury of Markets graduates.

The panel of Markets graduates nominated Karl Sundblad, Ebbe Jerre, Martin Aasheim and Veera Valkeinen as the winning team of this year’s Case Competition. The winners were rewarded with a trip to Copenhagen, and got the opportunity to present their solution for senior management at Nordea Markets Denmark. See what happened through Veera Valkeinen’s eyes.

From left: Veera Valkeinen, Karl Sundblad, Ebbe Jerre and Martin Aasheim.

By Veera Valkeinen, Assistant Analyst in Business Solutions

The trip to Copenhagen started (very) early for some of us. Our presentation was going to be at noon a Monday morning, so there were morning flights booked for us, so that we had a chance to practice our presentation beforehand in the morning. It is worth mentioning, that at this point I hadn’t met the team “in real life” yet, as we had only communicated through Skype.

Now, it was time. We arrived in sunny Copenhagen and the next thing was to find the right metro going to the Copenhagen headquarter. After getting off at the right station, it was easy to spot the right building! Modern Metro stood right in front of us.

To meet the team was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. We had been working together via Skype for a few weeks, so meeting everyone in person was great. We went over our presentation a couple of times and before we knew it, time has come for us to present our solution.

Morten Lund, Analyst at Macroeconomic Research (top left), gives the team a presentation about his work within Nordea Research.

Nerve-racking and joyful

Graduates started entering the room followed by Markets senior management. There was some chitchatting in the air. We kept ourselves cool and started presenting our solutions. It was both nerve-racking and rewarding to finally present the ideas we had been working on developing for so long.

Our presentation started with an executive summary, followed by a quick market comment, before continuing with our solutions for the interest rate risk, and ending with solutions for the foreign exchange risk.

The whole team in action presenting in front of senior management.

Then it was time for questions. We got our share of the tough questions, especially about our interest rate risk solutions. But gladly, we had prepared for the questions and in the end, everyone seemed happy with the discussions which had flourished from our presentation. The management seemed to enjoy the conversation, and especially the guest; a key analyst from the very same large Danish retail company, who had a lot of insight which was interesting and educational for us to hear after spending so much time getting familiar with this company’s risk profile.

We got great feedback, and they even said that we seemed like a cohesive unit, which was great to hear, since the team had just met that same morning for the first time.

Rewarding and amazing tour around Copenhagen

Our day continued with a tour around the beautiful Copenhagen headquarter and then in the evening we got to explore Copenhagen, and had a great dinner planned for us.

All in all, it was an amazing day, and a great way to learn something new and also to get to know your colleagues from all around the Nordics!

The winners enjoying sightseeing canal tour in Copenhagen.

If you haven’t already read about how the team worked together on the Case and managed to win and get the rewarding trip to Copenhagen, read the blog by Karl Sundblad (see photo). In the blog post, Karl explains how it was to work cross desks and boarders as well as gives some thoughts on the team’s final solution.

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