Cracking the case with Nordic colleagues

FICC Summer Case Competition - Helsinki: During week 30, 19 summer interns from all our Nordic countries are lining up to compete in the second annual

FICC Summer Case Competition – Helsinki: During week 30, 19 summer interns from all our Nordic countries are lining up to compete in the second annual FICC Nordic Case Competition. The task is to help a Nordic airline with their risk and liquidity management issues which are arising from its strategic initiatives. Considering that teams have only one week to crack the case along with their daily grind, the heat is rising inside well air-conditioned dealing rooms all around the Scandinavia.

Luckily, two contestants, Elina and Veera from teams Delta and Rho respectively, found the time to share their thoughts about the case competition and their background.

Q: How long have you been in Markets? Moreover, what’s your desk and how would you describe the time spent in the dealing room?
Elina: I have been working in Markets and Advisory & Solutions team for 6 months now. Obviously the energetic and youthful atmosphere in the dealing room helps you to go through demanding and sometimes long working days. Furthermore, besides being really easy going, colleagues here are extremely smart which really makes me enjoy my time here.
Veera: I’ve been here now for about four months in Alternative Funding Solutions and I’ve really liked the professional working environment.

Q: What’s your educational background and have you graduated yet?
Elina: I’m a 5’th year finance student from Aalto University School of Business in Helsinki and I’m aiming to graduate during 2017
Veera: I’m starting my fifth year at Aalto University School of Business and I’m currently majoring in Accounting. My plan is to graduate during the next academic year.

Q: This is your third day with the case now. What are your thoughts about it and do they align with your possible expectations?
Elina: The assignment really combines different Markets’ product areas. In addition, we are forced to think how risk and liquidity management are linked to case company’s bigger picture and strategy. Not so much since I didn’t have any expectations about the case.    
Veera: The case is interesting but obviously there’s a lot to do. The tasks differ a lot from my day-to-day work and I think it’s nice to have a change. I really had no expectations so I have to say no.

Q: Your thoughts about the cross-desk and cross-border collaboration? Do you feel that this kind of experience is beneficial for you considering your career later on?
Elina: Collaboration has worked out just fine! I truly feel that this kind of experience is beneficial both for me and the since I can expand my professional boundaries while expanding my network inside Markets.
Veera: Working with Nordic team members has been fun and arranging the meetings has gone pretty smoothly. I think that this kind of co-operation is beneficial not only for me but also for the Markets altogether.

Q: Should we continue the tradition and arrange summer case competition again in next year? Moreover, do you feel that Markets benefits from this kind of competition and collaboration?
Elina: Of course! Case competition is a great addition to otherwise quiet July. Moreover,  this kind of cross-desk and cross-border collaboration facilitates to grasp the “big picture” of Markets and what we are doing as a whole.
Veera: Absolutely! The case competition is voluntary so no one is forced to participate. Personally I think that it’s good to know people from other countries and from Nordea’s perspective a Nordic network makes working and asking for help much easier. 

On the back of yet another successful FICC Case Competition in Finland, this event will definitely take place again next year – but at a different location:

“Considering the hugely positive feedback from last year’s competitors, we wanted to make sure that the tradition continues also this year. Case competition facilitates cross-border and cross-desk collaboration which both contribute notably to the learning curves that our summer interns develop during their stay in Markets. On that note, we want to pass the torch onwards next year to either Denmark or Norway,” says Uki Lammi, head of Advisory & Solutions Finland, Markets FICC.