Curiosity drives me to succeed

I received my early Christmas present by phone in the middle of December. When I accepted my internship position, I could have never imagined...

By Timo Hyttinen, Future Finance Professional intern 2016.

I received my early Christmas present by a phone call in the middle of December. When I accepted my internship position, I could have never imagined what working for Nordea Markets would really be like.

Summer went extremely fast. Before I even noticed, it was already over and the end of September was knocking on the door. What I learned during this time was something you cannot learn anywhere else. When I was at university, I thought that it was what a financial career is really like – reading articles and trying to understand all the mathematical formulas the authors have sophisticatedly built. How wrong could one be!

The first thing I actually learned was that if there is something you do not know, there is always someone who knows more about it and is willing to help you in every way they can. Which is why, Nordea Markets has been the greatest place I have worked in so far and that is also one of the main reasons why I decided to continue pursuing a financial career in Markets after the summer as well. I have met numerous talented, driven and fun colleagues and managers. I could not have wished for anything better. What is even greater is that we also spend time outside office hours with, for example, other summer interns I got to know during the first few months of the internship. The people here make the company definitely worth recommending for.

It’s a mystery

What I actually do and what kind of problems I work with is a mystery to many people in the dealing room. I work as an assistant analyst in Management Advisory. The great thing about our team is that you never know what the next day brings. Basically we are business intelligence analysts who solve complex problems using data and automating processes. We also help FICC management with various analyses.

From day one I was given responsibility and when the months passed, I was given more and more tasks that involved more difficult problems than before. One can only imagine how difficult they will be in the end of December.

If you want to succeed …

What I have noticed is that if you want to succeed in Markets, you need to be curious and at the same time you have to be able to absorb new things with a fast pace. The learning curve is extremely steep. This curiosity drives me to succeed in my job now and in the future as well and that is why I wanted to continue my career in Nordea Markets. The learning never ends and it has just begun.

I have only a couple of courses left on my Master’s degree but what I have noticed is that Nordea Markets encourages students in general to finish their school in time. For my part, I will start writing my Master’s thesis in 2017 and I am sure Markets will help me reach my goals in time. This is the front seat in the financial markets and while you learn the theory in school, practise is best learned by working with real life tasks and with professional colleagues like the people in Nordea Markets.

Timo Hyttinen

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