Digital trends from SXSW

Get the highlights from the inspiring breakfast seminar with Gambit H+K about the SXSW digital conference in Texas.

It was not just the great feeling of spring in Oslo or the fact that it’s Friday that made my day today but the inspiring breakfast seminar with Gambit H+K about the SXSW digital conference in Texas. My colleague Bianka invited me to go with her to get highlights from the conference. We hoped to get inspired and we sure did.

The seminar, with almost 300 participants from different , was started by Christian Kamhag. He talked about the latest digital trends from the SXSW conference. In short:

  • Wearable technology (like smart-watches and Google Glass)
  • Big data, and how to make use of data tracking and statistics
  • Privacy which is becoming increasingly important to many
  • Digital solutions to ineffectivity – the sharing economy
  • Personal brands. The classic statement “Brands don’t talk – people do” is being challenged. Brands are now increasingly communicating with a personal language via websites, Twitter and other digital channels. A combination of personality and professionalism can help build your brand’s reputation.

Don’t write content – tell stories

The presentation was followed by Lillian Vatnøy, who stressed the importance of creative storytelling in companies. Good storytelling will result in an engaged audience. It was great to hear that storytelling (still) is the big thing, since my team has worked on the Nordea Markets story for some time now in relation to our new communications strategy. Always good to hear that we are doing something right – and the plan is definitely to start internally first like Lillian advised.


The next inspiring and engaging presentation was from Christian Bosstad. He talked about the pitfalls of letting creativity take over for relevant information, especially on websites’ product pages. Christian also talked inspiring about the importance of knowledge sharing in organizations.

The seminar was concluded by Alexander Rustad, who emphasized the importance of acknowledging changes and trends in the digital channels. You have to pay attention, because your new competitors will soon be knocking on your door…

All in all an inspiring seminar, and great to see that Nordea Markets is on the right track with our new communications strategy.

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