I don’t understand anything …

After three weeks, we are starting to get out of our «I do not understand anything» haze – at least we hope so! Do we have any results for our projects? Not yet. Do we feel like we are progressing? YES, but very slowly.

My head has hit my desk a bit too many times over the last couple of days. Are we working hard? Oh yes, we are always the first to come in the morning and the last to leave at night. To sum up, our projects are moving along, a bit slowly, but at least it is going forward!

Still, no one is talking about anything else than Brexit. So, why should we? Brexit has been a real life example of politics in one part of the world having a huge impact globally. And as students it has been a great opportunity to learn! Kjetil Olsen (Chief Economist) and Dag Harald Claes (Professor at Universitet i Oslo) held a presentation on the subject last Thursday. Dag Harald Claes was actually on holiday, but had been called in last minute. However, he expressed sincerely that having this kind of talk in front of so many interested people was his idea of a perfect afternoon.

That is exactly what motivates me to continue in this business – over-excited individuals that want to share their knowledge and engage in discussion. Nothing is set, the world is constantly changing, and who are we to do anything else than try to understand it all.

Thursday had more interesting topics on the table. The subject of the Summer Academy was the foreign exchange market. Nordea has managed to make Summer Academy more than an academic lecture. On Thursday we were actually allowed to trade through Nordea’s trading platform Nexus (fortunately we traded through a fake profile, completely protected against our “clever” trading strategies).

I am sure that more than one of the participants got inspired to further explore the FX market, and the job opportunities available in this department of Nordea Markets. I know we did, for sure.

Christopher, Asbjørn, Josefine & Anders

Christopher, Asbjørn, Josefine & Anders

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