Rewarding times as Equity Research Interns

This year's summer interns at Equity Research have reflected upon their time at Nordea just before they finalised their projects.

Meet three students, Sara, Karl and Emil, who spent their time at Equity Research during summer. Get to know them, their background and what they think about the time at the office. In the following weeks they will get deeper into describing their main projects and what was unexpected to them personally.

Sara Stegare (25), studies at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

I am currently pursuing an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management, majoring in Financial Mathematics.

My time as an Equity Research Intern has passed by unbelievable quickly and I am now more than half away through my internship. So far, I have been fortunate to get exposure to many interesting projects and to work alongside very talented analysts in a challenging, yet supportive, environment.

The projects I have been involved in include a commission research report, a coverage report and an initial coverage report within the following sectors: Telecom, Construction and Real Estate. To deep dive into different companies and markets, and to be given the opportunity to contribute to reports with data and text, has been very exciting and rewarding.

I have also been involved in one of the Quant team’s major projects, to investigate how Nordic companies on a company-level perform on ESG-factors. It’s a highly relevant topic, and according to Nordea’s prior ESG-report “Cracking the ESG code”, ESG performance has grown in importance to such degree that it reflects operational and share price development. Hence, it has been fun to be able to work on such relevant project. Further, it has been a great learning experience to be a part of the Quant team since I have been able to improve my Excel skills and to familiarise myself with FactSet.

In addition to the wide spectrum of new knowledge I have gained, it feels great to be a part of Nordea’s community and to work with so many talented people!

Karl Knutsson (21), studies at Uppsala University

I am currently studying economics at Uppsala University, and just finished my first year. My interest in pursuing a career in finance prompted me to apply for a summer internship in Nordea Markets.

So far, the eight-week internship in the Equity Research department has been a rewarding experience. It has given me the opportunity to gain practical experience while learning directly from experienced analysts. I have been assigned to a variety of tasks, including a large ESG-project, all of which have given me great experience and insight into what a career within the field might look like.

I’m looking forward to my final few weeks here at Nordea, and I’m excited to see how the ESG-project progresses and to see the final report materialize.

Emil Sjölander (25), studies at the Stockholm School of Economics

I am currently a student at the Stockholm School of Economics, where I have completed three years of study. I have chosen finance and economics as my primary areas of study. Previously I have interned within management consulting and held part-time positions within the finance industry.

My great interest in finance and economics drew me to Nordea Markets’ research department. For the last few weeks these interests have seen practical deployment as I have been involved in several different projects. I’ve already contributed to two analysis initiations for the real estate team. In addition, I’ve partook in a large ESG project as well as analysis of the capital flows in the Swedish equity market, which has been very exciting.

I hope that the rest of my time here will be equally challenging and rewarding as my first period has been!

Stay tuned for more stories from Sara, Karl and Emil. The following weeks, each of them will write a piece about their main projects and what has surprised them the most.

Until then you can get to know how it was like to be a summer intern in Oslo.

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