FFP #1: Not just an internship but new friendships and an extraordinary summer

In spring, 11 FFP interns joined us in Helsinki. Tag along, read about their ventures in their regular blogs - first up is by Jussi.

This is the first blog in a series about and by our interns attending this year’s Future Finance Professional (FFP) program at Nordea in Finland. The FFP internship started in May and under normal circumstances the FFPs would have started blogging about their experiences already by then. Due to the abnormal Covid19 situation, preventing the interns to get-together for professional and social events as ‘usual’.

FFP Jussi Virkajärvi

Jussi Virkajärvi is 27 year old, and MSc student in Finance at University of Vaasa. Jussi joined us in May and has since then worked at the trading floor in Helsinki as Assistent Sales Manager at Derivates Coverage FI in Nordea Markets.

But now, a couple of months into the FFP program, climbing a steep learning curve, learning and growing by the day, time has finally come for the FFPs to meet up and have a good time.

Jussi is the first blogger up, and he will tell about a very special social event, tailor made for the Future Finance Professionals (FFPs) in the wake of the Covid19 lock-down. Hear about a long awaited and highly appreciated event, arranged to give the FFPs opportunities to meet-up, mingle, discuss work and have fun. By the looks of it, the event was a succes – hear why!

By Jussi Virkajärvi 

After a very long period of COVID19 restrictions – which are partially still ongoing – we finally had a chance to gather as a Future Finance Professional (FFP) group. This would be our second time to gather physically. The first time the entire FFP group was assembled, was back in May when our internship had just started. At that point in time most of us barely knew where the coffee machine was located.

Today, 9-10 weeks later, we have had plenty of new experience to tell and talk about. We all had a lot of catching up to do, and so everyone was really looking forward to meeting again.

Celebrating with passion

So what happened? After another day of hard and fulfilling work at the office, all us FFPs gathered to head towards a venue at the heart of Helsinki, where our dedicated Fun Managers among others, had arranged sauna facilities for the evening – followed by drinks, dinner and party.

After months without any social FFP events whatsoever, everyone, both current and former FFPs, were eager to meet up, and in the mood for a good party. We are a group of competitive people, hence the night consisted of various games of multiple noble sports such as flip cup and beer pong. The winning team celebrated accordingly – with passion.

FFP 2020 event

Left to right, back row: Kristo Ruutu, Simo Niinimäki, Jasmin Majander, Matleena Tyni, Nea Koivumäki, Amanda Kavand, Robert Suomi. Front row left to right: Louis Helminen, Niklas Piispanen, Jussi Virkajärvi (this week’s blogger).

I’ll spare you the details from the evening, but will instead highlight that this event was great in so many ways. For one thing, the evening was not just about work, but also about really getting to know each other better, and we also got the chance to meet former FFPs, as many of them were invited to join the party later in the evening.

Meeting the former FFPs, and now fully Nordea employees, was amazing, as we got the opportunity to hear about their internship experiences, and get valuable tips on how to get as much as possible out of the FFP program. (Not to mention, learning about which nearby restaurants are worth the visit – which also could be worth knowing!).

It takes some courage to throw oneself out in a new group of people. The event was successful, partly because we established good relationships with our colleagues, who started their careers as FFPs. Most importantly, us FFPs, had a really good time within our intern group.

Leading the way, and having fun while doing it …

After this great evening and night, we quickly agreed that we wanted to meet more often than once a month. We therefore, with a little help from the former FFPs, pinpointed the most suitable after-work locations. There and then, we took the ownership of arranging new gatherings like these, and by now, the next date for another get-together is already settled. And we all look forward to going out to enjoy some good food and the great company of fellow interns.

In totally, and in case it is not yet crystal clear, we are enjoying an extraordinary summer here at Nordea. As FFPs, our ambition is to lead the way enabling dreams and everyday aspirations for the greater good. Being here, we are fortunate to learn from the very best – and have fun while doing it.

Jussi discussing how to ‘lead the way’ with Nea Koivumäki and Jasmin Majandar (to the right).

Stay tuned to hear from Jussi’s fellow interns who’ll be blogging about their experiences throughout the internship in September.

Meanwhile, you can meet three of last year’s FFPs and “Feel the Markets pulse – join our FFPs at the trading floor” and get insight to our Finnish summer internship program and get a sense of what it’s like to work at Market’s trading floor in Helsinki.

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