FFP #4: Dive in head first and take charge!

This week, FFP interns let us in on their work, learnings, and what it's like working during Covid-19. Meet Amanda and Jani!

By Amanda Kavand & Jani Slavic

Hi, we are Amanda and Jani. In this blog, we will tell you about our lives as interns and life in general in front and middle office. As our internship is steadily reaching the finish line, we wanted to share our experiences from the Future Finance Professional (FFP) programme, which have been characterized by a steep learning curve and special market events. Tag along!

Amanda Kavand (age 25)

Amanda Kavand profile pictureI study Finance on Master’s level at Hanken School of Economics. This summer, I have worked in front office as an Assistant Sales Manager in Investments and Securities Advisory at Nordea.

My tasks have included execution of market orders, advising clients on stocks, bonds and structured products, and updating data sets in Excel, among others.


Jani Slavic (age 25)

Jani Slavic profile pictureI recently graduated with a M.Sc. in Economics & Business Administration from Turku School of Economics, specializing in finance. I work in the Processes & Implementation team of Financial & Risk Control at Nordea.

My background has provided me with the substance knowledge necessary to understand various different product groups that Nordea Markets is dealing with.


What does an average day look like for you?

Amanda: For the most part of the day, I talk on the phone with clients and execute trade orders. This means that there is a lot of social interaction and you have to be really updated on what is going on in the world and especially on equity markets. What has been especially exciting about my work is the variety of asset classes I have had the opportunity to get acquainted with.

I joined the team in April right after Easter. At this time there was still a lockdown in Finland and the markets were going crazy about corona (not that this is completely over yet, but definitely more stable). It was a very interesting time to be working on the trading floor. Nobody really knew what to expect as there was so much uncertainty in the air.

Also, witnessing some really special market events such as the oil futures going into negative territory and the markets’ reactions to the massive central bank aid programmes has been very interesting. Now, the situation has normalized a lot, the volatility on the market has declined and investor behavior has somewhat stabilized. I believe that many are hopeful for the vaccine to arrive in the near future.


Jani Slavic by his deskJani: I work in the middle office and my team is responsible for the daily profit & loss reporting procedures, automation projects as well as month-end closing tasks. My daily work consists of assisting in the daily reporting process.

This means mainly distributing various different daily profit & loss (PL) reports to stakeholders and checking whether certain thresholds in reported figures have been exceeded. I also participate in daily and weekly meetings where reported figures are analyzed. I take part in in automation projects occasionally as well.


What have you gained from the FFP programme?

Amanda: When the FFP programme started, I quickly realized that the learning curve was going to be very steep and the only thing to do was to “dive in head first”, although it sometimes felt overwhelming. Being a part of the FFP programme has been intense, but very exciting!

The FFP program has met all my expectations and beyond. I have made many new friends that I will definitely keep in touch with after this summer. What I particularly appreciate about the program is the hands-on experience that I have gotten. Compared to many other internships, this has not felt like an internship because we have gotten a lot of responsibility. I am grateful for this summer and excited to see what is to come!

Amanda Kavand and Jani Slavic, FFP group photo

Meeting time! From left, Amanda, Jani and colleague, Nella.

Jani: This job has developed me in many ways. The work requires an active approach to understanding how the dots connect amongst different PL reports to see the bigger picture. Also, accuracy with numbers is of paramount importance in addition to proper usage of different systems and databases.

Additionally, collaboration and smooth communication between team members is highly important. Furthermore, the work is fulfilling due to work tasks being clearly structured and defined, requiring concentration and feeding the desire to learn. And the co-workers are great!

/Amanda & Jani


Stay tuned to hear from their fellow interns who’ll be blogging about their experiences throughout the last sprint of the internship!

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