My first six months as a graduate

Henrik Lindegaard Thomsen works as an Assistant Sales Manager in the Interest Rate Derivative team and tells about his first six months as a graduate.

As a Graduate in Financial Advisory Sales in Copenhagen I’m happy to say that the tempo is high, the demand is high, and it is up to you, how fast you want to grow, and how fast you want responsibility. In my case I was very lucky to have a great mentor, who made me grow even faster than I thought possible. Within months I was at my first client meeting, where I was responsible for explaining the product to the customer, which also resulted in a sale.

I’m still improving at a great pace, and the responsibilities are growing rapidly – I already have my own client portfolio.

My daily tasks are very different from day to day. I get in at the office around 7.30-7.45 and have no idea, what the day will bring, because it all depends on the Markets and the clients. However, typical tasks are pricing and different derivatives such as swaps, caps, swaptions and other hedging strategies. I also calculate exposure profiles as well as lines and other things.
By now I have been in Markets for six months, and I’m happy to say that I’m still improving at a great pace, and the responsibilities are growing rapidly – I already have my own client portfolio.

I have also come to learn that in Nordea people are good at giving you responsibility quickly, and the general feeling is “learning by doing”, which I also feel is the best way to learn and improve further.

Regarding the pace in Markets, I can tell you that it is far from any other place I have even been. I have worked in Danske Bank and Danske Markets (Middle Office) in three different departments, and nothing comes close to the pace and noise that I experience on the trading floor in Markets. I think it is a great and fun workplace, but it is probably not for everybody.

As a part of the Graduate program I have gained a huge network quickly and felt like I became a part of Nordea very fast. I see the program as a perfect way to start your career in Nordea, and I only have good things to say. When in the program you will participate in four seminars of 2-3 days duration, which are all held in the different Nordic countries. I strongly advise you, if you become a Graduate, to stay an extra day or two in order to really get to know the other Graduates as this network will be valuable for everyone in the future.


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