First two months as a graduate at Nordea Markets

Here goes, my first ever blog post (sigh). Actually, this can be considered as a personal quantum leap in the digital arena. Like most people in my profession I tend to avoid leaving too many trails on this scary thing known as the World Wide Web. As for social media I tend to be rather, eh, unsocial.

Why is this important? Well it isn’t really, but like I said; first blog post and I’ve got space to fill. Despite the lack of social aptitude in the digital world, my fellow banker-graduates in Nordea turn out to be….. wait for it…. very social! So much in fact that at the first graduate seminar held in Stockholm, almost everyone I spoke to mentioned how easy it was to get to know and socialise with all the other graduates. Of the 40-something participants, I spoke and worked with almost everyone, leaving me with an excellent insight into how diverse Nordea is in terms of talent and competence.

I’ve been a graduate at Nordea Markets Norway for about two months now, and can honestly say (cliché warning!) that it’s been extremely interesting and challenging. Not only do I get the chance to learn from some of the best professionals in the industry and progress in the world of Nordea Markets, I also get to work and hang out with people from across the bank. Through the Graduate Program I’ll participate in several trips around the Nordics, both with graduates from the whole bank and graduates in wholesale banking.

With an industry that’s had to undergo so much change, and must change even more in order to take on the challenges of today, banking is arguably more exciting than ever. Socialising (points for sticking to the common thread) and working with passionate people from across the bank on different levels allows me to understand how we in Nordea attempt to face all these challenges.

On that note I will leave you with this: I am proud that Nordea is already adapting to the new world of banking, maybe ahead of our competition, and I’m proud to be a part of the Nordea team.


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