Our first week as summer interns – with a Brexit – Wauw!!

Our first week at Nordea Markets has flown by, and we are excited about what the next weeks will bring! Nordea Markets has welcomed us with open arms, and we have been included in all aspects of the everyday life right from the start. Coming straight out of school, we realize our journey towards a career in finance is far from over. However, when asking for help and guidance we are met by nothing other than excited professionals eager to talk about their field in finance.

By now, we have been distributed various summer projects and have started to get an idea of what our next weeks will look like. Already we have experienced that our learning curve will extend well beyond these summer projects, as being present at a markets department is an experience in itself.

A great example of this is Friday’s Brexit results. The results came as a surprise for many, including Nordea Markets, and thus the tension in the room was almost tangible around our 7am morning coffee. As the day went on, several journalists came by asking for official Brexit comments from Nordea Markets’ celebrities.

What the journalists did not see was four eager Summer Interns hiding behind our desks carefully listening to the conversations.

Over to a more social note, Thursday’s Summer Academy kick-off was a success. The highlight was when Thorodd Bakken (Head of Nordea Markets Sales and Research, Norway) shared some secret tricks and tips on how to become a success. We were approximately 30 participants from various parts of Nordea, all young and quite new in the job market. We shared a nice dinner, and got a chance to network both with people in a similar situation as ourselves in addition to more experienced Nordea employees.

The Summer Academy will be a weekly event, filled with both social and academic activities. At the end of the summer it will conclude with a final exam, finally a familiar field 😉

But that’s weeks ahead – in the meantime we’ll continue to share our experiences at Nordea Markets with you, here in our weekly blogs. So stay tuned!

Josefine & Christopher

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