From Summer Internship to Graduate Programme

Meet Axel Arenlind. This is his story about his experience from being a summer intern to becoming a graduate at Nordea Markets.

I have always had a fascination for financial markets and a drive to make good business. A job in one of the largest trading room in Sweden would definitively be a dream come true. My first contact with Nordea Markets was at my university, where I had a chance to meet talented employees at the university’s career fair. I did my best to ask questions, to get an understanding how it would be to work within FICC – Fixed Income Currencies and Commodities. I understood that there would be a steep learning curve and that an internship would be the perfect place to start a career. I applied for the Nordea Markets FICC Summer Internship and was invited for a speed dating interview with four different employees. I was well prepared by being updated with the latest market buzz and having read up on financial instruments. Another great advice is to learn about the different areas and purpose of FICC before an interview.

The interview process was challenging. The people I met with were both professional and humble. After the speed dating interview I was invited for a second round of interviews with senior managers. During the interview process, my impression of Nordea changed from “good” to “great”. The further I advanced in the process, the more eager I became to work at Nordea Markets FICC. I was euphoric to know I was chosen for the summer internship.

On the trading floor, the atmosphere is dynamic and people are keen to share their knowledge and experiences. I learned a lot in a short time. During our stay, me and the other intern, Louise, worked alongside specialists and rotated between all of the different areas at Nordea Markets FICC. Every week we worked on and presented a new case related to divisions such as Credit Research, Macro Analysis, Foreign Exchange, Investments, Derivatives and Risk Advisory.  Upon finishing the summer internship, I was convinced that Nordea Markets would be the ideal place to start my career. I had one more year to study and wanted to stay at Nordea Markets. I was offered to work part-time in the area of business development, and this made me even more eager to find a full-time position.

One day in December, I realized the recruitment for Nordea Markets’ FICC graduate program had started. The recruitment process was once again challenging, with multiple interviews and several online tests to assess my numerical, logical, and linguistic skills, as well as my personality. A piece of advice to future applicants is to practice similar tests thoroughly in advance. I was selected as a graduate in the team Investment Products. My group works with distributing and selling structured products through Nordea’s retail bank. It’s a very exciting area of Markets, and I am working within a team of 15. In our team, we have a close collaboration with each other and “one Nordea team” is our core value.

Nordea Markets is a fast pace environment and no day is the other alike. What happens in the world today really affect what products and business we do tomorrow. The thing I appreciate the most is that we are constantly thinking outside the box, which lets the creativity flow. I have from day one on the internship been given responsibilities and felt needed by my colleagues.  I am amazed how much I have been able to accomplish and develop since my first day at Nordea Markets. I feel I have truly kick-started my career within Nordea and hope to continue to grow within the company for many years ahead.


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