The most fun I’ve ever had – or managed

In Finland, the renowned Future Finance Professional (FFP) programme is a big deal. Being the main recruitment channel to Nordea Markets, the five-month long programme provides the new interns with an opportunity to work with real tasks along with top professionals in the Nordic financial industry.

In order to reach one’s full potential, an individual must be motivated. According to Maslow (1943), being fed and being safe are the ground needs (levels 1-2) for being motivated. Most jobs offer these aspects. However, to reach full motivation, employees also need love and a feeling of belonging, esteem and self-actualization (levels 3-5). This is where Fun Managers step in. In a nutshell, our job as Fun Managers is to make sure that the new FFPs’ higher-level needs (levels 3-5 as described above) are filled and that they remain fully motivated throughout the summer.

At Markets, the new FFPs are granted a lot of responsibility together with demanding and meaningful tasks. Being new to the business, the amount of responsibility might be overwhelming. We’ve been there. As last year’s FFPs, we appreciate the effort from our Fun Managers to organize activities reducing our stress-levels and helping us to connect with other likeminded employees.

Now it’s our turn. With our prestigious titles, Fun Managers, we aim to do what our successors did to us: make the summer fun. Shortly about us:

Who: Samu Purovirta

Purovirta Samu142x203

What: Structured Products Communications, responsible for client related materials and sales angle of the products (And of course, Fun Manager)

When: Could answer this in several ways but let’s say 4/1987 & 5/2015

After getting such a nice treatment from the previous Fun Managers, I feel I’m obliged and honoured at the same time to be able to pass this great tradition onwards. While making sure that the new FFPs are enjoying their stay as much as I did during my first summer, I feel like I’m going to enjoy the ride just as much as they hopefully will.

Who: Nelli Hämäläinen

Hamalainen Nelli 142x203

What: Institutional Sales, Flow Advisory

When: Born in 1992, joined Nordea in 2015

– I am excited to learn to know the new FFPs and try to make their summer as memorable as my last summer was.



Who: Siiri Vehmer

Vehmer Siiri142x203

What: Asset Sales

When: Born in 1991, started my Nordea career in 2012 and joined Nordea Markets in 2015

– It is an honour to participate in organizing the FFP events of this summer, especially when you can do it with such a great Fun Manager -team. I am sure that with this bunch we are going to make this summer as awesome for the FFPs as it was for us a year ago.


Who: Kati Uusitalo

Uusitalo Kati 142x203jpg

What: FX Advisory

When: Born in 1991, joined Nordea Markets in February 2015

– I’m looking forward to making new fun memories with the FFPs and my fellow Fun Managers this summer!



 Who: Joonas Lanne

Lanne Joonas142x203What: Capital Optimization, working mainly with capital and balance sheet related models, forecasts and risk analyses

When: My Nordea career started with a university project in January 2015, after which I applied to the FFP program for the summer.

– FFP program was definitely one of my most memorably summers and I would surely encourage all young talents to apply for it. As a Fun Manager I will try to remind our new summer superstars that relentless working feels much lighter when you occasionally just relax and enjoy the company of others.


You are probably curious about the stress-reducing activities. We cannot disclose what we have planned for the up-coming summer, but we can tell you what we did last year. First, we experienced the outstanding sauna and event space on top of the Nordea building here in Helsinki. In line with the overall theme, we also explored the sauna boat (and dipped in the Hakaniemi dock) and another sauna in the city centre. We also competed in Room escape and learned to know where the businessmen and –women party: in the infamous Kalle.

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