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Get to know some of the many units and amazing people in Nordea Markets. Meet Minna - a student participating in our Future Finance Programme.

We continue our series of interviews with the people in Nordea Markets, highlighting some of our exciting opportunities. This week we talked to Minna Tuominen, a student participating in our Future Finance Professionals programme in Helsinki.

What is your background and for how long have you worked in Nordea Markets?
I’m a fifth year finance student at Aalto University School of Business. I’m graduating this year and currently writing my Master’s Thesis. I started at Nordea Markets in May 2013 in the Future Finance Professionals programme in the Derivatives Structuring team, and moved to Hedging Solutions in October.

What is your team’s role in Nordea Markets?
Our team’s role is to manage corporate customers’ interest rate risks. In practice, we construct the optimal interest rate derivatives products and hedging solutions for our customers, taking into consideration the customer’s preferences and financing outlook. Our responsibility is also to prepare the sales material for our specialist sales representatives on the field, and sometimes meet with the customers ourselves as well.

The people here are great – professionals who are the best in their field. The atmosphere in itself is very motivating and exciting.

How do you contribute to working towards our customers?
In many cases the sales work starts by Nordea Markets’ specialist sales representatives and Nordea’s account managers on the field. They have a deep understanding of the customer’s current situation, preferences and future financing needs. Our team, on the other hand, provides the customer with access to expert knowledge on hedging interest rate risk. Whenever a customer has loans, he is exposed to interest rate risk for which we can construct a hedging solution. Hedging interest rate risk provides the customer with more certainty regarding interest costs, which for instance makes budgeting easier. Dealing with Nordea, the customer can ensure he gets the best possible solution for their need.

What motivates you in Nordea Markets?
To start with, the people here are great – professionals who are the best in their field. The atmosphere in itself is very motivating and exciting. What is also great is that here one gets to combine an analytical mind-set with the ability to work closely with customers. In many other places one does one or the other but not necessarily both. Also, at Nordea Markets you can be sure you constantly get to develop your skills.

Nordea Markets is quite a unique place to work at – if you want to work in the Nordics in this area of the financial markets, there are actually not many alternatives. Also, by taking part in the Future Financial Professionals program one gets to work on real customer cases straight away. In the beginning there is a really steep learning curve since one is forced to learn a lot fast – but ultimately it really pays off.

Did you know? Minna was also featured in our “Inside Nordea Markets” video. Check it out below.

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