Tips to get a head start to become a Future Finance Professional

Congrats! You're well ahead of many applicants by reading this blog, where a recruiter tells about the interview process and gives you valuable tips.

Quite often, it’s about having that edge – and drive to acquire extra knowledge to achieve your goals. By reading this article you’ve already got at head start to join our Future Finance Professional (FFP) program in Finland. In the following you’ll learn about fine-tuning your application, get insight to the interview process & get tips from one of the FFP recruiting managers.

Having become a sought-after internship programme, we receive many applications. You could be among the approx. 20 FFPs, that we, at Nordea Markets Finland welcome every spring to join us at the buzzing trading floor with the opportunity to learn from the best and make a difference. We invest in students through this tailored programme because we believe in supporting and growing talents, and in building great relationships. Furthermore, most of our junior employees in Finland have been through our FFP programme. It could be you!

Want to join our team? The application period is in the autumn. Meanwhile, you can stay updated and get inspiration from previous FFPs and related Nordea people sharing their experiences and career moves as Nordea employees by following us on Nordea Markets LinkedIn.

What works and what not! Video …

Now, how to get a head-start! We’ve talked to Uki Lammi, Head of Portfolio Analysis, Investment & Securities Advisory in Nordea Wealth Management, who also runs and is responsible for many of the FFP interviews in the recruitment process. We asked Uki what works and what not.

Without hesitation, Uki emphasises the great success of having the students create and deliver a short video (2-3 min.) telling about the applicant’s background, interests etc. That works. When introducing the video concept, a significant and somewhat converse change occurred in the quantity and quality of applications.

“This was the second time in a row we have asked applicants to include a short video where they present themselves and elaborate on their motivation for applying. Although we saw a clear drop in the number of applications when we initially implemented the video feature, we also witnessed a significant overall quality increase of the applications.”

Uki is pleased with the change and tells what he thinks is the cause to the drop of quantity and enhancement of quality:

“The students who were not seriously interested in the program didn’t invest time on producing a video. This change suits us well as it means that there were less applications to screen, but with higher overall quality. The video has also made the screening process smoother and more accurate as it complements the written application and CV.

The video element has given us a better way to find those students who are most passionate and willing to make an extra effort when needed. Of other characteristics, we look for talents who are prudent and humble towards their tasks and our customers. The ideal way to find students with these profiles and ensure a perfect match is, in our experience, through video followed by personal interviews,” Uki states.

So, a piece of advice if you’re eager to become one of our FFPs: Put effort into the creation of your application and video, and don’t be shy to show us who you are, your aspirations and personality.

Hard work pays off

The FFP programme starts beginning of May and ends during September – with flexibility in both ends. After five months of challenging and rewarding tasks 25-50% of our FFP students get employed in full time positions at Nordea Markets.

Moreover, having finished the programme, our FFPs have kick-started their careers and grown professionally and as individual. On top of that, they’ve established a valuable network, and attained memorable impressions and experiences from formal events and informal social and fun happenings, trainings, case competitions and much more.

Many of the FFPs we’ve talked to over the years, tell that attending the FFP programme makes it their best summer. See for yourself – have a look at some of the articles and videos with and by former and present FFPs at Nordea Markets.

NOTE! You’ve now got at head-start to join our FFP programme – don’t waist it! Stay tuned for the next application period in the autumn.

Find more information about our FFP programme here.

Uki Lammi (in the blue shirt) flanked by three former FFP students (in 2018); Henry Mattsson (left) with Saija Savolainen and Veera Valkeinen. All three FFPs are now fully employed and working here at Nordea Markets’ trading floor in Helsinki. The picture shows to tell, that it’s not all about hard work, it’s certainly also about having fun – and a good laugh :-).

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