Insights from Global Business Development

Get to know some of the many units and amazing people in Nordea Markets. Meet Joakim Hartzell - Chief Analyst in Global Business Development.

So here it is; the first of many interviews we have made with amazing people in Nordea Markets. In addition to a broad range of product areas, we also have a lot of units we would like you to know about. Today’s interview is with Joakim Hartzell, Chief Analyst in Global Business Development.

1. What is your background and for how long have you worked in Global Business Development?

I have worked in GBD since February 2011, before that I was a management consultant at Ernst & Young. I graduated 2005 from Stockholm School of Economics with a major in accounting and financial management.  My job here at Markets is similar to what I did as a consultant; I drive and manage strategy and development projects, making sure we do our homework thoroughly before we take important decisions about our future.

2. What is your team’s role in Nordea Markets?

My team’s role is to manage change on a global level. That means driving projects and analyses to drive the decision making process in management, as well as to implement actual changes in the organization. So the scope is huge! We do things like defining business requirements for IT developments, defining sales strategies for specific market segments, create long term development plans for certain units, and implement new organizations. The list can go on and on.

My last assignment was to set up a new FX/MM sales and trading organization in our Singapore branch, with project issues spanning from getting IT and infrastructure in place, managing the process of getting work contracts and work permits in place for our people, ensuring we have a commercial plan to follow, and ensuring we are compliant with local rules and regulations.

As you can see, we work with anything related to ensuring we change and develop Markets in a professional way. Almost like an internal management consulting firm.

3. Can you describe a typical day at work?

That, I have to say, is pretty difficult! All of my projects are different apart from one aspect; they are all international. That means that I spend a lot of time on the phone and in web based meetings, but also that I travel quite a lot. The international environment is one of the truly inspiring parts of Markets, we really are one organization with common projects and common ambitions.

Typically I start the day with going through my to-do list. Lately, when I have worked with Singapore, I have used my first hours to interact with our team there as their workday already has been going on for 7 hours when I get in! A lot of my projects are then related to interacting with people in different management and expert roles, so I tend to move around during the days. The topics we discuss are never the same.

4. What is the best part of working global?

The best part of having a global role is the fact that I get to know my colleagues in Markets really well, whether they work in Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Warsaw, New York or Singapore. I get to meet people in person and work and interact with the whole organization. That means that it doesn’t get boring, all projects have something new for me to learn and some new people for me to get to know. It’s almost like an addiction!



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