The grand finale – fretting and funny

Friday the 2nd September marked the completion of this year’s Summer Case Competition in Finland.

Friday the 2nd September marked the completion of this year’s Summer Case Competition in Finland. Here the winning team of pretty excited – and slightly fretting – students presented their solution to a well-prepared top management audience including Head of Markets FICC, Kenneth Steengaard, and Mikko Ayub, FICC Head of Sales & Research, Finland, Baltics & Russia.

Senior management made sure that all members of the team had to show their A-game during the official part of the grand finale prize trip. And Kenneth and Mikko didn’t hold back on comments to the presentations – on the contrary. This was something that the students highlighted afterwards as they told, that they were especially pleased by the coaching and detailed Q&A from our senior managers who delivered great input during the presentation.

After the official part was over, it was time to celebrate – for two of the participating Swedish students, Asbjørn and Andreas, who had time to explore the city before the dinner, opposed to their Finnish counterparts who had to return to their desks to finish their daily grind.

But after hard work comes the reward – for all: smiles on everyone’s faces started to get wider during the pre-drinks before the dinner. Smiles widened even more during dinner when Swedes and Finns started a bashing joke battle – it was hilarious :-). The evening ended with after-drinks as students dived even deeper in the analysis of differences and similarities between young Scandinavians. Moreover, Joonas and Andreas were brave enough to continue the evening and visit the infamous Mummotunneli (“Granny Tunnel”) before hitting the sack. After asked if something worth of mentioning went down in Granny Tunnel, Andreas answered: “You should know: What happens in the Granny-Tunnel stays in the Granny-Tunnel!”.

The place to be challenged and have fun at the same time

Students seemed to enjoy both the official and unofficial part of the day as they all indicated unanimously that similar case competition and prize trip should be definitely arranged in next year. When quizzed about the students’ reflections and thoughts about the Case Competition event, Saara Walden and Andreas Lide answered as follows:

Saara: “I feel like the time limit of one week was perfect as it pushed us to complete the casework efficiently. All in all, I am happy that I participated in t“The best part of the case competition was the cross-border co-operation. I enjoyed working with colleagues from different teams and countries and it was great to see how our views and ideas completed each other he case competition and feel like it was a great, productive way to share thoughts with our fellow-interns.”

Andreas: “I would agree with Saara that the best part of the case competition was the cross-border collaboration. I also liked the scale of the project and that the three tasks were as different as they were. That made the group collaboration more dynamic since different people in the group had knowledge within different areas. I also liked the time limit of one week, it really forced you to dive into the project from the first day.”

Elina Nummela and Asbjørn Thiis-Evensen also shared their feelings towards Nordea Markets:

Elina: “Working in Nordea Markets has been a really fun experience and after working here for more than seven months, I still learn new things daily. Trainees are encouraged to take responsibility early on but support is also available when you need it. We have a really good team spirit among summer trainees in Finland and we often spend time together outside office as well.”

Asbjørn: “My impression of Nordea Markets is very good and I would definitely say that Markets offers a good career opportunity. To me it seems like Nordea is a place where you can be challenged professionally and have fun in the office at the same time – it doesn’t get any better than that.”

So with these wise and inspiring words we close the books for this year’s Summer Case Competition. Until the next year, Norway!




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