Nordea Open House Event

Wonder how it is like to be a graduate at Nordea? Follow the Open House event and learn more about our graduate programmes.

This year’s Graduate Open House event at Nordea welcomed some of our new potential colleagues on a Monday afternoon at Strandgade in Copenhagen for an introduction to the life and graduate programmes at Nordea.  

The students were introduced to Nordea’s organisations – covering everything from Group Compliance to Commercial & Business Banking and Wholesale Banking. The students showed great interest in the many topics including Nordea’s future strategic priorities and how to navigate in a digitalised environment and become “first movers” within this.


The students at Nordea – taking in all the impressions at Graduate Open House.

Topics regarding job security in banking in the past versus now in terms of requirements were also mentioned by the students themselves, who also seemed eager to get to know the many opportunities and possibilities of working in Nordea.

Interviewing participants about the graduate programme

We spoke to a some of the participating students and got some great insights of their overall impression, let alone of the Graduate programme, and where they could see themselves work as a Graduate in Nordea.

Michael Overgaard, MSc in Information Management:
“Nordea seems like a place that allows their graduates to grow and evolve during the programme which is a very positive thing. There are many places within Nordea where I would like to work – like working with developing new systems, optimising processes or using the latest theory to perhaps solve issues regarding keeping customers.”

Eduards Klavins, MSc in Computer Science:
“It seemed very useful for young professionals to get acquainted with the job market and find out what their real passion within the field is by trying out various positions within the company. I can see myself working in the IT field in Nordea as that is what I have studied and what I love to do. Work experience helps as well of course. I really love challenging myself and would like to experience the rotations to various positions to find the best fit.”

Lars Nielsen, MSc in Engineering:
“My impression of Nordea is that it is a leading European bank rooted in a Nordic mentality of honesty and integrity. Taking the effort to make the Nordic region one organization and having one Graduate programme, giving a unique opportunity to effortlessly explore markets across borders. Despite variation in national regulations, Nordea is one big Nordic family – inviting Graduates to join, and promising fun and challenging experiences with other new family members at Graduate programme gatherings where you can gain new friends from other countries. Banking is changing; fiat money, credit cards, PayPal, blockchain… I would like to help Nordea towards the markets of the future. Challenges are fun and in a disrupted sector with many challenges to overcome. Nordea is a great place for a Graduate of Science.”

Being impressed with the professionalism of Nordea and the employees, Lars Nielsen concludes:

“Presentational skills are often overlooked but at Nordea, a kind attitude and positive body language is a core value. Management opened up on the strategies for the future, asking us to assist in the hurdles to come. This exposed weakness but also shows the strong Nordea mentality of managing obstacles through honestly and cooperation. An agile company that is not afraid of choosing the right solution – even if it means changing lanes. Nordea is truly open for everyone with a sharp mind, proven by having a HR Director in charge of the Graduate programme that is a History major with his dissertation on “Education in the 1950s”. Nordea is looking for the right person; not just someone to replace a former employee but Graduates who want to grow professionally and personally.”

Nordea graduate programme – it can be you!

We at Nordea Markets look forward to welcoming our new colleagues who will be part of the Nordea Graduate programme in 2017. Click to read what it takes to be(come) a graduate in Nordea Markets.

Read more about becoming a Graduate in Nordea here, and find all our vacant Graduate positions here.

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