It’s hard not to enjoy the buzz of working in NYC

So … Back in Stockholm after six weeks of working out of our New York office. And it truly was an amazing  summer in the city that never sleeps.

It was Christmas Eve 2015 when I received the email from Andrei Maude – then FICC Head of Sales in New York – confirming my summer in NYC. Quite a Christmas greeting indeed!

Applying for the summer position in New York was a no-brainer for me. Six weeks of getting to know Markets’ U.S. operations, dealing with North American customers and last but not least, getting a first-hand feeling of life and work in the major financial capital of the world. I wouldn’t call it a tough sell.

Having experienced it, I have to say that it’s hard not to enjoy the buzz and the atmosphere of working in the city. Joining the busy morning commuters in walking to work, heading up Avenue of the Americas towards Central Park with the summer heat in your face and a coffee in your hand, or better yet, leaving the office for a roof top bar ‘after work’ in the 30°C summer evening. There’s a lot of N.Y. to like.

Beating the crowd in Times Square the morning walk to work…

Beating the crowd in Times Square for the morning walk to work.

I have worked on the FX desk helping our North American customers as well as European overnight customers with their foreign exchange needs. Kicking off my stay in N.Y. one week after Brexit, it is safe to say that the needs were plenty among our customers. With the mix of local and overnight customers, the traditional summer calm didn’t hit the trading floor that hard, as the American customer base doesn’t tend to have the luxury of “industrisemester”.

My workday was similar to back home. As the N.Y. mornings overlap with the European afternoon session, they often consisted of getting up to date on key European market events and drivers of the day, as well as getting a feel of customer interest. International coverage is finally handed over to N.Y. at 10.45 a.m. and is held until our branch in Singapore takes over at 6.00 p.m.

My daily responsibilities were advising and executing our customers hedging and foreign exchange needs. Furthermore I was responsible for improving the FX advisory toolbox with models and presentation materials needed to analyse and quantify FX risk and to present the positive effect of foreign exchange hedging strategies. This meant a significant amount of VBA coding and Excel modelling, a skillset that I enjoyed brushing off from my previous years in our FX Risk Advisory team.

In addition to my work in the Markets Dealing Room, I also met colleagues from all the main business areas in the branch and I had lots of interesting meetings and discussions. C&IB (Corporate & Investment Banking) New York covers Nordic Subsidiaries, local North American customers, Pulp & Paper companies and Oil Services firms operating in the US, Canada and Mexico. The cooperation with Nordic C&IB’s is close and there are some very interesting projects going on. Besides that, C&IB and Markets has the same type of strong relationship in N.Y. as in the Nordics, and the main focus is on FX and interest rate derivatives business.

Aside from work, spending the summer going through the never-ending supply of restaurants, rooftop bars and the complete smorgasbord of all that the greatest city on earth has to offer, has of course also been a pleasure. Just a little perk of working in the city, I guess … J

Six weeks of summer in the city that never sleeps went by fast and soon enough summer was over. It truly was an amazing couple of weeks, not least thanks to the great people we have working on the trading floor in N.Y. So before signing this blog entry off, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for a great summer. Thanks guys!

Last evenings view over Manhattan..

Last evening’s view over Manhattan.

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