NO #8: Hard work, loads of learning and fun – it’s been a blast!

It's the last week of a great internship - as 'always' it's been busy with challenges, successes, fulfilling work and after-hour fun, drinks & dinner

The six summer interns 2020 together with one of the summer interns of 2019 who is now employed at Nordea (third from left).

By Helene and Ole Martin

We have come to the last week or our internship at Markets in Oslo, and it’s been another busy and fun week which we spent on completing various projects. Not to mention preparing our final ‘big’ presentation to be presented on our very last day to an audience of employees and managers, not only from Markets but from different parts of Nordea as well. A bit intimidating – but we will come back to that later!

First a recap of our projects and tasks the last week. Joachim and myself (Ole Martin) have done the final work on our live IPO (initial public offering) and M&A (mergers & acquisitions) cases at Investment Banking Advisory. It’s still work in progress, but hopefully the deals will go live in the near future. Meanwhile, Janne has finished her tasks at Equity Research involving the same IPO that I have been working on.

Andrea and Theodor have been busy wrapping up their work at Risk Solutions, figuring out the importance of domestic price changes to foreign exchange exposure – all the while learning a great deal about the different products. As for me (Helene), I have finished some interesting mail encryption, by matching domains registered in the TLS system and Nordea’s contact list.

Farewell dinner – and nerve-wrecking presentation

A picture-perfect ending to a perfect internship – a nice farewell-catch-you-later-dinner. From left clock wise: Joachim, Ole Martin, Julie Ellneby, Janne, Jon Birger Tysnes, Andrea, colleague, Helene, colleague – and Theodor! He’s the photographer, again!  

On Tuesday evening, we had our final “interns dinner” with some of the Markets seniors (including Country Lead of Nordea Markets Norway, Julie Ellneby, and Jon Birger Tysnes, Leader in Strategy & Business Development). We went just next door to the office and enjoyed great Asian-fusion food. We had a good time, and it was very nice to get to know some of the managers and seniors a bit more, and hear about their journeys at Nordea and in general.

All of a sudden it was Friday – our last day here – and it was time for us to step up on to the scene and put our projects on display. We presented all the projects that we’ve worked on throughout the summer to a crowd of employees from all over the bank – and we received a lot of positive feedback from them. Even though we were all nervous before our performance, it is safe to say that it went well – and we could leave the experience with new confidence.

Our time here has been fantastic – we’ll miss it!

Now our time as interns at Nordea Markets has come to an end. In our eight weeks here, we’ve learned so much and met a lot of friendly, professional and interesting people. We can all agree that our time here has been fantastic – we’ve worked hard and leave with a lot of new knowledge.

We want to say thank you to all our sponsors, and people who have made our time so interesting and fulfilling. It’s time for us to withdraw, and take a (well deserved?) vacation before school starts.

We’ll miss being a fly on the wall during the daily FX and Equity meetings, the unlimited coffee, the full buffet canteen, the learning experiences, each other and of course, not to mention the highly skilled and very kind people at Nordea Markets.

Thanks for having us – it’s been a blast!

/Janne, Ole Martin, Andrea, Theodor, Helene, Joachim

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