“Here, I can be the best version of myself” – meet Madeleine, Management Partner

Moving on in our "Work Life - Diversity & Inclusion" series, we zoom in on Madeleine. She's been with Nordea for 14 years, and "truly loves" her job. See why and hear about seizing opportunities and striving to be at your best.

Madeleine has been with Nordea her entire work life, starting in 2006 straight after university. In her blog, she tells about the several job rotations, different roles and opportunities seized along the way, shaping her career. Madeleine also shares her thoughts on the ‘hot’ D&I topic, touching upon initiatives, challenges and her own involvement.

“I honestly love my job,” says Madeleine who identifies herself with the Nordea values: Collaboration, Courage, Ownership & Passion.

By Madeleine Plantin

In the early days of my career at Nordea, I thought I knew everything about the organisation. But oh no – among many things, I had no idea of ALL the career opportunities in the bank. I have since then explored quite a few possibilities such as training and job rotations. Here’s a snapshot of my 14 year long journey with Nordea – rewinding to the very beginning.

After graduation, a bit lost and undecisive on which road to follow, I decided to take up a temporary position at one of Nordea’s Contact Centres. The short-term job became a permanent position, as I really enjoyed helping our customers in this constantly busy environment. Looking back, my first job at Nordea was the best way to start, as it made me realise and understand that there’s a customer at the end of every value chain, we create in Nordea – underlining our very purpose; to help fulfil our customers’ needs.

Already to begin with, I was very curious about ‘the legend’; the high-paced area of Markets, where everything, all the action seemed to happen. And I wanted to be part of where “it happens”! My next job was not in Markets, though. I took a position as personal advisor. But not for long, because a role in the back office for Private Sales appeared, and that meant working with Markets. I thought this was an opportunity for me to be close to where “it happens”.

Feeling the buzz

A few years later, I applied for a position as Sales Income Controller for the income Markets generates. Got it – and there I was, finally, on the Markets trading floor – although in a job I didn’t see coming.

Markets was just as I imagined; a buzzing, energetic environment with hard working colleagues, passionate about their work. Even though people are super busy, there are always friendly faces to have a chat with, about everything and nothing – and perhaps hear of interesting job openings!

So, one day I had a chat with the Nordic head of Investment & Securities Advisory. They were looking for someone with my competences; able to understand the business and the backside of it, as well as drive changes and implementations. A perfect match! Now I work as Management Partner where my overriding task is to unleash the full potential in our advisory organization. A work I’m extremely happy to do every day – from the vibrant trading floor where there’s never a dull moment.

Thanks to my closest leader and team of helpful and brilliant minds, I’m in a position where I can be the best version of myself.

Although, I truly enjoy my existing job, I’m not done exploring. There are so many opportunities here for people to grow and make a difference for customers and the greater good. The world is changing rapidly, and we are tuned to be one step ahead of that curve – to be able to provide our customers with the best products and services. And I’m proud to take part in ensuring that.


Lastly, a quick Q&A

Madeleine, has diversity & inclusion always been a hot topic at the work place?

Starting my career here in 2006, diversity & inclusion was not as such on the agenda, like it wasn’t discussed much in the public. Today, it is definitely a hot topic in the Nordea Group Leadership Team (GLT). We have a head of Business Diversity & Inclusion, and managers and leaders are attentive to the subject. Furthermore it’s prioritized in our quarterly so-called People Pulse surveys touching upon e.g. harassment issues, equality and inclusion.

Are you involved in any D&I initiatives – what’s the time frame?

I’m engaged in two employee resource groups; Gender Balance Initiative running across Nordea on all levels, and Cross Generations focusing on acquiring an age balanced working force. In spite of all the efforts and ongoing initiatives across the bank, we’ve still got at way to go in reaching an adequate balance. But I honestly think the bank is doing a lot to leverage the breadth of diversity on multiple parameters; age, ethnicity, gender etc. We’re talking a huge transformation, on the back of an old legacy, so I think it will take some years to realise our D&I goals. But I believe we’re well on our way, and confident that we will get there – just not tomorrow!


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