How to get an internship at Nordea?

Do you want to become an intern at Nordea? Then read Lisa Andersson’s “How to” guidelines right here.

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The competition for internships is tough, but the experience can be valuable for kick-starting your career. Here, get three inside tips from Lisa Andersson, who oversees the interview process for one of our unique internship opportunities in Corporate & Investment Banking at Nordea.

Check the guidelines below and apply for one of our vacant intern positions. The deadline for fall 2018 internships in, Stockholm, Sweden, is just around the corner. Submit your application before 14 February 2018, and cross your fingers!

“How to” guidelines


1. Bring “excellence” to the table

Grades. They are very important as we only invite highly competitive candidates to our interviews, and such competitiveness is usually reflected in one’s grades. BUT grades are not everything.

As important are personality, interests and previous experience. If you have been lucky enough to get experience in similar jobs within finance before applying, that can easily measure up to excellent grades. Likewise, engagement in extracurricular activities will show a keen interest in finance which is very valuable.


2. Show that you invest in your career

The candidates we choose always show engagement, commitment and prioritise their careers. They are hard-workers with willingness to put in extra hours when necessary – but that should be a given when you are interested in the financial world.

One way a candidate can demonstrate focus on one’s career is by showing an interest in the financial markets, for example by reading the Financial Times or other relevant media – but be aware that we might quiz your knowledge if you state that you follow financial news.

Your enthusiasm and initiative will be met with a steep learning curve and many rewards. People will notice your effort, give you more responsibility and you will get to work where the fun happens. The “fun” could be meeting heavyweights in finance such as CEOs or to see a big transaction related to your work in a well-known newspaper.


3. Express the right personality

You need to express the right personality – but what is that at Nordea? To build a successful career with us, you work well with others, you like to learn and try new things. In short, an open mind-set is crucial. At the same time, you are excited about bringing your own ideas to the table. You are honest and dependable, willing to speak up even when it is difficult. No one can know everything – especially not at the start of one’s career!


Does an internship at Nordea sound interesting? Then go ahead and send your application for one of the vacant positions.

Want to know a bit more about what it is like to be an intern, graduate or student at Nordea? Browse around our blog, and stay tuned for next week when we interview an intern from Nordea.

One last note: At Nordea, we believe that diversity improves team performance. Therefore, we strive to form teams with a mix of people of different genders and ages, and with different backgrounds and experiences.