FFP: I get to work with, and learn from the “top-tier-pros”

Meet Max Immonen, who is part of the FFP programme and is working with macroeconomic research as an assistant analyst. Hear him share his experience.

Meet Max and the department he is working in

My name is Max Immonen, (Age 25) – Assistant Analyst, Macroeconomic Research

I am a 5th year economics student from Turku School of Economics. Previously, I have worked in a Finnish commercial bank and as a trainee, auditing financial companies. I started at Nordea mid-April where I work as an assistant analyst within macroeconomic research. The team follow the macro economy and financial markets in general. Providing analyses, reports and overall insight for our Nordea experts and customers.

Learning from the best

My work consists of writing the daily morning report and assisting senior analysts with varying tasks. I get to work with and learn from the top-tier-pros, to bit by bit, gain a better understanding of the complexities of the financial markets and macroeconomics. It is fascinating and challenging to follow the markets closely and to analyse the developments, while trying to see the big picture. In addition, I do not even have to solve any differential equations in my work!

It is motivating to get to produce useful morning reports and other material for my colleagues in Nordea and for Nordea’s customers.

The tasks from senior analysts make my workdays varied. To describe a typical day in my area as an FFP is honestly very difficult. No two days are alike as I work with different people every week. Last week, for example, I got to assist our chief economist with her research in Asian economies, by making interesting charts. It is great to have responsibilities and a lot of autonomy in my work.

Max Immonen (FFP) working with colleagues

Max Immonen working with his colleagues, Lotta Lähteenmäki and Jan Von Gerich.

I have learned a lot during the past three months. The atmosphere at the trading floor, where I work is great. People are talking about interesting stuff and it feels like I am right in the center of markets.

Moreover, I have had a great time on the FFP-events that are arranged monthly, which are always full of surprises and festivities. Even though I must get to work quite early to write the morning report, it has not stopped me from going to the after parties at the local bar in Helsinki called Kalle.

Deep dive into Max’s main task – The Morning Reports

The morning report covers relevant economic releases, topics of the coming day and most important macro-level news from the previous day. It gives the reader a quick snapshot of recent events and what it means to currencies, rates, economic growth etc. It is a tool to keep up-to-date with the markets and politics, with the help of our analysts view on these topics.

Here is a link to the reports (which are in Finnish) and to one specific report I picked, as an example of what I do. I chose this one as I liked the “chart-of-the-day”, where I talk about Macron and politics.

/ Max Immonen


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