The ideal graduate – we’re looking for you

In our search for some of the brightest minds to help us shape the future bank. Every year, Nordea offers graduate positions to invest in talents.

So, what does it take to be(come) a graduate in Nordea Markets? I’ve asked around at the Trading Floor in Copenhagen, and here’s what I learned:

Working in Nordea Markets takes a lot of drive…

Working in Nordea Markets takes a lot of drive, engagement and passion – for the people you work with and for the things you work on. This is something I see every single day, and it’s truly correct what they say about Nordea being a bank of relations, both professionally but more so personally. In case you missed the recent Graduate Open House event in Copenhagen, there’s no need to panic – you can read what some of the participating students thought of the event and Nordea overall here.

I bet you’d like to know what the ideal graduate is for us? It varies to some degree from field to field – but after talking to Steen Grøndahl, Deputy Head of Financial Advisory Denmark and part of Sales and Research DK leadership team, it’s clear that a high technical level is equally as important as having a broad profile of various assets.

steen-grondahlAt Nordea Markets, a strong customer focus is key; meeting customers at eye level and create relationships regardless of the type of customer you are dealing with is a fundamental component that we look for in a graduate. This also means being capable of being adaptable and be willing to change, as creating and building relationships further on takes place in a digital universe and will be less personal. Still the customer has prime focus,” says Steen Grøndahl;

Being a team player is just as important as being able to do things by yourself, take ownership. To recognise that others can do your work as good as you is vital – especially if you are away from work and one of your customers call in; then it’s essential that you can pass on information so that your colleague can help this customer just as well as you. We’re here to serve our customers, first and foremost.”

Curiosity and modesty are two important features that we also focus on at Nordea Markets – whether you’re a manager, specialist or graduate, these are defining features. Although you may wish to demonstrate what you can, it’s important to ask “dumb” questions. We don’t expect you to know everything within your first year here but we do excell in steep learning curves, and so we do expect you to develop quickly. By recognising that you don’t know everything but can learn along the way, we avoid a fragile foundation – and instead, we encourage and contribute to both personal and skill development of each individual graduate”, concludes Steen Grøndahl.

So, are you up for the challenge and ready to kick-start your career in the financial markets industry?

Read more about what it’s like to be a graduate in the biggest Nordic bank here.

Maybe you’ll become my new colleague.

/ Katharina

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