Impressions from a student in Markets, Stockholm

Meet Rickard Bredeby who works as an Assistant Analyst within Nordea's Economic Research Team, covering Swedish economy and the Riksbank.

I have now worked part-time at Nordea Markets for nine months and it is time for me to share some of my experiences with you.

I am working for Nordea Markets’ Global Research team in Stockholm and our main tasks are to cover Swedish economy and the Riksbank. The daily work of Research consists of providing comments on Swedish economic events, customer meetings, compiling macroeconomic reports and so on.

Alongside working part-time at Nordea Markets I am studying for an M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics focusing on Financial Mathematics at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. I am convinced that working at Nordea while studying will be helpful for my future career within the financial market.


So what am I doing at work?

I have an assisting role which means that my task is to support the rest of the group. It can be everything from producing presentations to coding in Visual Basic to obtain some statistics.

Another recurring event is the morning briefing. On a regular basis I come in at 06:00 to write the Swedish morning briefing and distribute it to about 4000 customers and also the co-workers at Nordea Markets. Besides the fact that you have to wake up early it is actually quite fun to summarize all key events from the closure of the Swedish market and onwards. The briefing is an appreciated product which is sent out to many important customers, i.e. it is necessary to get things correct and not miss important events or market movers.

In case you want to see more of my publications, you can find it all on my profile on our research portal:


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