Inspiration night for female students

A couple a months ago a group of colleagues talked about arranging an event for female students. Now it's real - but how did the female event turn go?

A couple a months ago a group of colleagues within Nordea Markets and Corporate & Investment Banking started to discuss the possibility to arrange an event focused towards female students.

We all had the same goal with such an event; to encourage more female students to start their career within finance as well as to inform them of all the different types of jobs we actually offer and how fun they really are. We wanted to inspire the students with our own stories and therefore invited a handful of successful women within Wholesale Banking to speak about their jobs and share their experiences from a career in finance.

Given the US election on November 8th, a presentation about the macro economic effects on the world was a given theme presented by our chief economist Annika Winsth (photo below). Annika has worked within the bank for almost 20 years and has really made an impressive journey within Nordea. In addition, Annika Sigfrid, Nordic Head of Equity Capital Markets, gave a presentation in how an IPO (Initial Public Offering) is executed. Even though keeping updated about the market is her job today, she surprised us by announcing how she started her career within accounting without even considering spending time in the school’s “stock room”.

To summarise the evening, Frida Holmberg, talked about her years so far at Nordea and how she has taken the opportunity to rotate between different teams within her unit to develop both professionally and personally. Nordea offers a wide range of options for rotation and it’s a great way for our employees to get a deeper understanding of the organisation as well as develop personally and professionally.

What was probably most appreciated during the evening was our presenters’ more personal views and advice and reflections on how they have overcome setbacks. It also became obvious how passionate they are about their jobs and how genially fun they have.

The evening ended with mingling amongst several of our colleagues who joined to give all the students a chance to ask individual questions and to discuss future possibilities.

“I think it was a good mix of current events in the world and educational presentations while still having a personal approach. I became inspired and it was great to get the chance to also meet some Nordea representatives to discuss with”, Johanna Sandberg, student at Stockholm School of Economics.

“I wanted to participated tonight because of the theme, women within finance, which I think is an important initiative”, Veronika Wallin, student at Linköpings University said.

We look forward to do this again next year, until then, please visit to learn more about the opportunities we offer. Within a couple of weeks we’ll start recruiting for the Nordea Graduate Programme and in January and February next year we will start recruiting for our internships. Nordea Markets FICC offers a summer internship while Corporate & Investment Banking will start recruiting for their off-cycle internships during the fall.

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