Inspired by the people

Fanny applied for the Future Finance Professionals program in Nordea Markets. This was her best decision especially due to all the inspiring people.

Dynamic, fast-paced, young atmosphere, steep-learning curve… Just to mention a few words used to describe working as an intern at Nordea Markets when first applying for the Future Finance Professionals program. Yeah right, I thought hearing them, this is what all banks say in their recruitment process. Little did I know, when stepping into the dealing-room for the first time this May, that all this and much more would soon be shown to be very true.

As many others here, I have studied finance at a business school, and am quickly closing in on graduation. Even though I’ve always been aware of Nordea Markets, it was not until last fall, meeting one of my current colleagues (back then an FFP herself) at a party, who seemed to be so enthusiastic about her work at the interest rate desk, that I got the urge to actually apply for the FFP-program. I had always had a curiosity for the fixed income market, as well as for macroeconomics, and from what I heard that night about working with interest rates; it seemed to combine these two interests of mine. And now, sitting at the Hedging Solutions desk myself, looking back to that moment, I couldn’t be happier.

My daily job consists of, among many other things, looking at interest rate risks of small and medium-sized corporations, and designing hedges that best suit their business. Coming from a small university, the rates market was next to unknown for me previously, and so the dive into this new world has been an interesting one. Carry, roll and bermudan swaptions. Interest rate collars and CMS floor spreads. The first weeks and months have gone by in a constant state of wonder, where team-meetings and discussions of colleagues have always been followed by a million questions formed in my head (and probably to my seniors’ dread, as my questions might feel never-ending). Days have been filled with challenges to grab onto, and you are given as much responsibility as you are willing to take on, where the only restriction for your personal development is yourself. The learning is continuous and it only gets more interesting for each day that passes. And just as enthusiastically as my colleague a year back spoke to me about her work, I now explain to people I meet, how I can’t imagine any other job I would have chosen for this summer over the one I am at right now.

Not one day has yet gone by here that I haven’t been busy, learned a bunch of new things, laughed with my colleagues and most importantly felt inspired by the people I work with. For in addition to all the words previously mentioned to describe interning at Nordea Markets, the most important was lacking – it is the driven, motivated, helpful and fun colleagues that first made me apply for the FFP-program, and that have made it everything that was promised and so much more.

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