Interested in finance? Our new interns are, see why and apply

In January, we welcomed four new interns in Stockholm. This is your chance to meet them - and to apply for a similar internship in May 2020.

In January, we had the pleasure of welcoming four new interns to our office in Stockholm. We used the cheerful occasion to talk to our new ambitious interns, and hear about their quite different backgrounds, expectations and goals for their internship – and learn why they applied for an internship with us.

So, meet two of our new interns, Hjalmar and Matilda. If you find this interesting, why not give it a go and apply for the Spring Weeks internship in Stockholm – you can apply here and now.

Matilda Björklund and Hjalmar Sörensen at the Stockholm office.


Matilda Björklund (31) – Leveraged Finance

I study Business & Management at Stockholm School of Economics. In partnership with the university, I did a rotational program during the Fall where I, among others, visited the Leveraged Finance department at Nordea.

Nordea is definitely a place full of talented, yet humble people who strive for excellence but who also help and motivate each other. And that I find really attracting. I was super impressed by the Leveraged Finance department and decided I wanted to learn more. So I applied for this internship.

I hope that the internship can give me a deeper understanding of the leveraged buyout (LBO) and debt structuring processes. I am eager to dig deeper into modelling, and I am keen on understanding the negotiation process better. Working here is a perfect opportunity for continuous learning, both in terms of gaining product-specific knowledge and also interpersonal skill development. We deal with a wide range of product offerings, and I am realizing I have only seen the tip of the iceberg.

My short-term ambition is to approach this internship with the mindset to learn as much as I possibly can during this Spring. I have great colleagues who help and challenge me. Hopefully, I can contribute with a fresh perspective and chip in and help them whenever I can.

Fun fact: I used to work within the entertainment business prior to my studies at Stockholm School of Economics; everything from dancing and singing on stage to acting for TV.

Hjalmar Sörensen (21) – Investment Banking Advisory

I am currently studying a Bachelor’s degree in Business & Economics at Stockholm School of Economics.

After starting at Stockholm School of Economics, I quickly developed an interest in investment banking. I applied to Nordea’s new position “Junior Investment Banking Assistant” last year, and got the opportunity to get first hand insight to the investment banking world. I worked part-time in the Advisory team during last semester and I really enjoyed my time here. My application to this internship therefore came very naturally.

As an intern with Nordea, I am aiming at developing as much as I possibly can during my time here, both professionally and personally. My main goal is to add value to the team and the projects I work with.

I am excited to test and to stretch my abilities, to develop my ability to work under high time pressure and deal with complex questions. There is still some time left before my graduation. I am trying out different types of businesses through internships and part-time work to figure out with what and where I can see myself working in the long run. So far, investment banking is what excites me the most and fits the best with my character.

Fun fact: When I get some time off, I produce music on my laptop and play the guitar and piano.


Are you also interested in finance and investment banking? Don’t hesitate – if you are a BSc 1 or BSc 2 student, you can apply here and become one of our interns in Stockholm during Spring Week 2020. The deadline is 29 February 2020.

In the coming weeks, we will introduce Matilda’s and Hjalmar’s fellow interns, Sara and another Matilda. In the meantime, learn more about what it’s like to work at the trading floor in Copenhagen (click) and have a look at some of our previous blogs from the graduates, interns in Oslo; our summer interns in Stockholm and the FFPs in Helsinki.

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