Internship #2 Different but great together

Follow our summer interns in Oslo, as they weekly share their thoughts and experiences of working in Nordea Markets during the summer.

Time flies, and for the six summer interns at the Nordea office in Oslo, their 2nd week has sped by. In this blog post, Bettina and Martin, will take you through their week at the trading floor and let you in on their new projects, the experts they’ve met and talked to – not to mention the fun and social activities, they’ve had.

By Bettina Roness Berg and Martin Boger

Growing while collaborating

It’s been a busy week – in a good way. We have been developing a model in a foreign exchange project for two weeks now. During this project we have evolved our analytical skills and increased our understanding of currency markets. We are students with different educational backgrounds; one mathematical engineer and one financial student, and it has been thrilling to see how we approach problems in different ways and thereby manage to combine our knowledge to create synergies.

Moreover, we have worked closely with the foreign exchange (FX) traders in Nordea and gained insight to how they work. In short, the people who work here seem really motivated to share their knowledge with us and make these eight weeks as fun and educational as possible.

Markus on his way to win(!) the floorball rematch.

All set for a rematch …

As a part of the social aspect of the summer internship, the participants and the graduates are engaging in a friendly game of floorball every Tuesday. Last week was rough and we got our asses kicked for two hours when we were playing against Nordea graduates. Therefore, we were all set for a rematch! It was a close match, but with good team spirit and Jon Birger as our captain, we prevailed. You can see the happiness in the eyes of our summer intern colleague, Markus Lanesskog to the right.

Thursday was set for the second Summer Academy session, presented by Henrik Heiestad, (Chief Sales Manager) and Finn Olav Brækken (Sales Manager), both from Derivatives. We had an interactive session, learning about how they consult, price and sell interest rate derivatives to Nordea’s customers.

Following the presentation, we went to see the last world cup match of the day, England against Belgium at Kontraskjæret. After an eventful week, it was fun to see everybody in a social context as on the picture below.

The summer interns are having a drink while watching the game. First row, starting left: Erik and Martin. Second row, starting left: Herman, Torjus and Markus.


/ Bettina and Martin

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