Internship #3 – Shaking things up

They're almost halfway through their internship at the trading floor in Oslo. Hear how it's going - with work, having fun, making new friendships!

By Herman & Markus

Our third week at Markets’ trading floor went by in a blink of an eye. With every one of us interns having settled in and got to know our teammates, it was time to shake things up with new projects and new teammates.

Herman and I (Markus, photo) went our separate ways. Herman continuing our work on Elkem`s China endeavor, and me teaming up with Martin to start a new project under supervision of Janne Kvernland, Nordea Markets chief analyst on the rig sector.

As Nordea is implementing and adapting to the new regulations for the financial sector, there has – due to the regulatory requirements – been some construction work and re-organising on the trading floor, which meant that we had to switch places. Yet again, we soon settled in.

Getting our a…. kicked, again

With the days speeding by it was time for the weekly floorball, and we were ready and set to finally kick some a.! Instead, we yet again got our asses kicked! So, now we have decided that enough is enough – and next week we are therefore going to play by ourselves – as everybody else is on holiday.

Our hope is that this week`s practice session will help us prevail – and win big – in the remaining weeks when the bulk of the office returns from holidays.

Laughing our bellies out

Finally, after three days of working long hours, it was Thursday and time for our weekly summer academy session. This time, Anders Hagen & Jacob Sæthre held a presentation about the equity value chain and how the public side and private side work together to deliver the best value for the customers. Afterwards – and as always – Nordea treated us with refreshments and food.

Clockwise from left: Espen, Herman, Christian, Bettina & Celine.

And then we went to Latter (restaurant and bar) for an outdoor summer stand-up show. We laughed our bellies out (Espen especially). Afterwards, we headed to town with our fellow Nordea colleagues.

There’s a time for good fun and a time for work. And so, the day after, everybody where sharp and ready (after a mug of coffee of course) for the morning meeting at 07:30.

This week contained everything, from exciting presentations about Nordea`s services to laughter and socialising with our colleagues. After yet another great week, we are all excited to see what the next week will bring!

Stay tuned, you’ll hear from us soon!

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