Internship #3 – We hit back – the honor was restored …

Week 3: Follow our summer interns in Oslo, and hear their thoughts and experiences of working in Markets during the summer.

By Henrik Hvesser and Andreas Gudmundset

Proved to be challenging

The first project has now officially ended after three weeks of studying the energy industry intensively. Our main focus the first two weeks were to gather all the information we needed. However, this proved to be challenging as several firms had only published limited financial data. Yet, looking at the data we collected, we think it gave us a good platform for making an analysis of the industry.

The last week (three) consisted mostly of figuring out how to present the raw data in a way that is both informative and easy to understand. We started with looking at the industry as a whole but quickly found out that we wanted to add several features. After trying different programming techniques, we managed to find an ideal solution on how to compare each company. We also made the models dynamic, which should make the models easier to update with new information.

What a relief

The analysis has increased our knowledge in several ways. After tens of hours of plotting data, we became really efficient in extracting the most relevant information from our data sources. Our programming skills have also increased exponentially; something we believe is really valuable in this line of work. We have also gained insights in an industry that is very interesting and important to the society we live in.

We presented our findings last Friday afternoon where we went through the models we have created as well as the process of creating it. The feedback we received was positive, and we had some good discussions on possible extensions that can be made if there is time available in the future. We were confident that we’d done some good work and relieved that other people found it interesting.

Summer academy – we hit back and won …

Last Thursday, we attended the third summer academy session held by Frederik Årvik, Senior Sales Manager in FICC Derivatives Sales, and Finn Olav Brækken, Sales Manager also in FICC Derivatives Sales. We had an interactive session where all of us took part in discussions, and learned a lot about derivatives and interest rate risk. We especially learned how interest rate and currency swaps are priced.

Following the presentations, we had pizza and played mini-golf at a golf course nearby. Unfortunately, the graduates proved themselves stronger in mini-golf, claiming our lack of experience to be a key factor. However, the interns hit back and won the shuffleboard competition later that night, and the honor was finally restored.

New projects, new challenges and more fun

Starting today, Monday, we have been assigned new projects, which we are very much looking forward to get busy with. Mina and Magne have started working on a project related to asset mapping, Anna and Andreas are working with a project related to a macroeconomic analysis, and Niels and Henrik will be working on a trade flow analysis where not all details are revealed yet.

Last week was a great week where we were challenged through the presentations of our projects, and we expect and hope that the coming week will be as challenging and fun as the previous one.

/ Henrik and Andreas

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