Internship #4 They must love what they’re doing!

They are halfway through their internship at the trading floor in Oslo. Hear how it's going - in spite of summer vibes at the office.

Entering the trading floor on Monday morning was very different! In contrast to the buzzing environment with traders shouting ‘five yards’ (meaning five billion in trading language – we have learned that by now) every ten minutes, we were met by silence and not many co-workers. And then it occurred to us – it’s holiday season for sure. Most of our colleagues have now went on holiday and the trading floor has been shut to outsiders – the regular suits and polished shoes have been swapped with slightly more informal attire.

All interns busy working on their projects. From left to right: Herman, Markus, Bettina, Espen and Martin.

However, even though our managers and project leaders are on holiday, they are impressively easy to reach and they take time to follow-up on us from wherever they are on holiday. I guess it must mean that they really love what they’re doing, and that’s truly inspiring.

Rather baffling but cool

Even though the office is quiet, our work load escalates every week. All the projects during the summer are to be presented the last week of our internship, so every time we are “done” with a project, it basically just means that you’re getting a new project on top of the ones you already have.

This week, me (Espen) and Julia are on our second week of a project for the derivatives desk. We’ve been given a list of customers, which we must analyse in terms of interest rate risk and derivatives portfolio and see if we can do something to better their hedging strategy. The focus of our task is to find arguments and create a pitch based on macroeconomic research on interest rate expectations. It is an interesting and challenging task which has forced us to reach out to different experts under the Nordea Markets umbrella.

On Wednesday, we had a guy from Bloomberg over to show us all the different features. Me and Julia, are the only ones who haven’t yet been given access to Bloomberg, so for us it was rather baffling. But still, it was cool to see all the different things that you can do.

Exciting and eye-opening

Despite the summer holiday spirit at the office, we felt obliged to keep up Nordea’s Tuesday floorball tradition, and even though only seven people showed up, the game was not any less intense. I (Julia) felt rather sad that I had to let the interns’ team down this week, as I had to make the evening flight to London and attend my own graduation the following day.

Fortunately, I was back in time for this week’s Summer Academy, where Aldo Maillot (chief analyst in Risk Solutions) introduced us to the Risk Solution department. It was exciting for both of us (Espen and Julia) to get a formal introduction to this part of Markets, as two of our projects had been assigned by Risk Solutions, and we had felt it a bit difficult to see our output in the bigger picture – but now it made perfect sense.

And then it was time for our traditional after-Summer-Academy get-together. But due to the gloomy weather, we all decided to swap our usual Thursday after-work drinks for a much-needed early night in. It may be a bit quiet at the office but we know by now that we’ve got plenty of work and projects to catch up on and finalise ?.

The summer interns discuss this week’s big project in their ice-cream-break. Again from left: Martin, Markus, Espen and Herman.

So, stay tuned – we’ll be back with more insights from our every-day lives at Markets’ Trading Floor soon!

/Julia & Espen

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