Internship #5 – Undefeated and as ever excited

Week five as summer interns at Nordea Markets in Oslo. This week, the interns explore the world of finance and discover hidden spots.

By Mina Randjelovic and Magne Eie Leedsak

Exploring the world of finance

As we are approaching the last week of July, the office is quieter and our co-workers are less busy than usual. This, however, gave us an excellent opportunity! Whenever we find the time, we like to visit some of the other departments and explore the world of finance outside of FICC. By approaching the different department heads and asking questions, we get the opportunity to experience the different fields first-hand. Everyone has been very helpful, and we definitely noticed how all of our colleagues talk about their fields with such passion and excitement. This is motivating for students like us who are about to start a professional career.

So, what else have we been up to? Well, the past two weeks we’ve spent working on different projects related to Asset Mapping. Basically, this means getting an overview of the financial assets of customers. The last couple of days, we have been working on a specific case involving a couple of Nordea’s customers with the goal of evaluating their portfolio sensitivity, as well as evaluating their exposure towards different geographical regions and sectors. We’ve learned a lot the past two week, trying to grasp all the specifics of various financial assets used.

New discoveries – new victories

Spending a lot of time at the office, we decided to explore our wonderful building, and look for new spots to hang out during our breaks. And guess what? We discovered that we have a rooftop terrace at our disposal. The weather that day was wonderful, and we decided to pick up some sushi and enjoy the sun from the eight floor. Needless to say, we will definitely return.

Not a week goes by without a floorball match. And this week, the interns remained undefeated. We are definitely building up a winning streak! Our colleagues seem to have noticed our many talents, and are trying very hard to beat us. Once again, it turned out to be a futile attempt!

We also attended the weekly summer academy, and this time is was all about investment banking and fixed income. Marcus Mørch, Analyst in Investment Banking, and Morten Frimann, Chief Sales Manager in FICC Fixed Income Sales, held an exciting lecture with many relevant real-world examples that definitely caught our attention.

Hitting the books – going for the highest score

Time has really flown by, and we realized that next week will be our final summer academy session. After the final session, we have a week to prepare for the final exam. This week, we found out that the participants with the highest scores on the exam will be fortunate enough to have lunch with Snorre Storset, Head of Nordea Bank Norway. So everyone is hitting the books and studying in between projects.

With only three weeks left, we are moving towards the last part of the internship program. During our last week here, we will be presenting the various projects that we have been working on over the summer. To help us prepare for these upcoming presentations, we also had a crash course in presentation skills and techniques with Chief Analyst Thina Saltvedt. But for now, we are all pretty excited about the coming week, as we will participate in a case competition along with our fellow interns in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. We all look forward to it – and we’ll come back to you next week and tell you all about it so stay tuned.

/ Mina and Magne

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