Internship #7 You win some, you lose some

Only one week to go before their internship at Markets is history. See how the 2nd last week went by with exams, presentations and floor ball!!

By Espen & Herman

After an all-nighter (for those of us, who handed in the Case Competition Sunday night),  Monday was the day we were going to present our Case solutions for the graduates, for starters. So, Monday went by practicing for the Case Competition presentation, closing diverse projects from last week as well as getting new tasks.

And the winner is …

The presentations of the Case Competition went quite smoothly. Every team presented their findings and was given feedback on presentation techniques and content by the graduates. Afterwards the winning team was announced – and I think all of us were happy with the outcome and – even though there can be only one winner from the Norwegian office! And the winner is … MARTIN!

Martin won this year’s case competition at Nordea Markets, with three colleagues from Sweden and Finland.

Congratulations Martin, along with the rest of the winning team, Ebba Jerre, Veera Valkeinen and Karl Sundblad. Winning the Case price means that Martin, Ebba, Veera and Karl get to go to Copenhagen to present their Case already on Tuesday next week. Good luck, Martin and team!

… and the losers!

Besides the Case Competition excitement (and apart from losing yet another floor ball game!) the rest of the week went by speedily, working on projects and preparing for the exam on Thursday. As for projects, me and Herman were assigned a project from Global Distribution which we are going to work on the last two weeks of our internship.

We were given a list of about 200 customers and 23,000 FX transactions, and the objective is to create a model with the right parameters to detect customers to whom it could be relevant and beneficiary to use the e-markets portal for their FX transactions. When we’re satisfied with the model, we are going to test it on a larger dataset.

Testing, testing – time for exams

The exam was a wrap up of the Summer Academy sessions that we had been attending every Thursday for six weeks, and it was going to test our understanding of the business. The exam consisted of 23 questions from all the different departments which had being presenting at the Summer Academy sessions.

This time, they are going to crown two winners, and the price for best exams is a lunch with one of the directors from Nordea’s Norwegian office. We’ll of course reveal who the winners are in our next week’s blog.

Start a business together!

After the case presentations on Monday and the exam on Thursday, we all deserved a bit of celebration. Luckily, Karine Tysnes (business analyst from Debt & Risk Solutions) had booked dinner for us at Olivia, an Italian restaurant near the office. Some of the top analysts and traders from the Markets’ office were also invited to the dinner, which was great. It was fun and interesting to get to know them outside a professional environment, and to hear stories about their journeys to get to where they are today at Nordea.

We had a really good time long into the late hours, and talked about how fast the time had gone by for us interns, and that we only had one week left. We joked about renting an office space and start a business together, “never change a winning team” they say. Which is also the reason we’re not going to chase a floor ball career together …

We are all excited about the last week of the internship at Markets, but also nervous about the big presentation next Friday.


Herman & Espen

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