Internship #8 It’s the final countdown

Last week for our summer interns at Nordea Markets. The week was filled with presentations and wrap up, but they also found time for reflections.

By Markus Tryggvason Lanesskog

The last week has come, and for us this summer internship has been one amazing ride! During these eight weeks we have worked on several different projects, which all were intended to have an impact for the departments we were working for.

It has been long hours, a steep learning curve and lots of social activities throughout our summer internship at Nordea Markets. Speaking of professional development and social experiences during the internship, our fellow interns, Espen and Herman scored highest on the exam we had last week (see week 7 blog) and thereby got invited to eat lunch with Thorodd Bakken (Head of Corporate & Investment Banking, Norway), something we all were rather jealous of!

Presentation marathon

Bettina, fellow intern,  in action, about to present (and finish) on of her projects from the summer.

During our last week, we carried on with our current projects while preparing ourselves for our final presentation Friday morning. Following the tradition, the summer interns all join forces and present every single project which we’ve worked on in a two hours long presentation marathon. And yet again, we were amazed by how curious everyone from Markets management to experienced analysts were to hear and learn about our projects, and everyone who was available wanted to attend.

I speak for all of us, when stating that we feel it`s premature to leave Nordea, and carry on with our studies, as we’ve all become quite comfortable and happy with our surroundings, not to mention the many exiting tasks that meet us here daily.

It’s a myth – no sharp elbows here

When asked what surprised us the most about Nordea in our final presentation, we all agreed that it must be how nice and how eager everyone at Nordea Markets are with regards to sharing their knowledge, and taking their time to listen and help you if needed.

Example of the openness of sharing knowledge; Bettina asking her colleague a few questions at the desk.

We therefore concluded, that the so-called ‘sharp elbows’ that you hear are predominant – the name of the game – in the world of finance, that’s clearly all a myth, and only that – at least at Nordea.

On behalf of all the interns, thanks Nordea, for the opportunity, and for all the work and efforts you have put in to making this internship a great and memorable experience.

Thank you!


PS: Lastly, as an era comes to an end – we lost in floorball … again! But some of us might be back for a rematch!

As this is the conclusion of 8 great weeks for the interns, Nordea Markets thanks for the inputs and passion to contribute to the business. Actually, 3 of the interns will get back to us in 2019 in graduate and student positions just as Thea and Emil did last year. Read some reflections from the two on why they have decided to take a graduate position.

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