Internship #8 – And the winner is …

The eighth and final week as summer interns at Nordea Markets in Oslo. Read along, as we say goodbye to our Norwegian interns ...

By Anna Emilie Endreson and Andreas Gudmundset

A week full of presentations

As we have completed most of our projects, presenting our results was what remained this week. We (Anna and Andreas) finally presented our results from the macro project we completed two weeks earlier. The amount of data we had collected during this period was quite big so we had to carefully choose which parts were most interesting for our audience to hear about. As we have been lectured on how to do a proper presentation, we knew that it is important to tell a story whilst presenting to keep the listeners engaged. Thus, we made the structure to always relate to what effect it would have on the oil price – both on the side of supply and demand.

The presentation went well and the feedback we received was very good. As we haven’t had a lot of experience with oral presentations from school, we are really happy that we have been exposed to this type of work – and we all agree that our skills on this matter have been improved significantly.

The winning team

The winners of the FICC Nordic Case Competition, that included interns from Nordea offices in all of Scandinavia, was Team Echo. Henrik was part of this team, and they did an amazing job analyzing the financial risks that a specific company currently faces. The reward was to present their findings at the Oslo office for senior employees from all across Nordea Markets.

The turnout was really good as people were curious to see what the team had discovered. After 40 minutes of presenting, they went through a series of questions followed by both positive and constructive feedback. After the presentation, the winning team was taken to a restaurant to enjoy a well-deserved dinner. Good job Team Echo!

Back left: Andreas, Henrik, Carl Fredrik, Simen, Henning, Torgeir and Magne. Front left: Niels Joachim, Anders, Anna, Celine and Mina

This week, it was time for the very last match of our weekly floor ball game. Although it was a bit of a sad moment, we were all prepared to show our opponents that we will be remembered as the winning team. It was probably one of the longest matches we’ve played so far as none of the teams wanted to lose the final game. We gave it our best but at last, the interns lost. It was hard to believe that we’d been building up an amazing winning streak for so many weeks only to lose the final match.

We’ve learned many things during our time at Nordea, and one of those things is that a good and stable result is much more important than a single positive outcome at the end. So we chose to apply this logic to our floor ball game.

Handing over our hard work

During our internship, we’ve had many exciting and challenging projects. One of our goals in relation to these projects was of course that the final products would be useful to Nordea even after our internship. Overall, we’ve received very positive feedback on the many models we’ve built and the presentations we’ve held, so on our very last day, we handed over our work to our colleagues. It felt rewarding to know that our work will be applied in the decision making process at Nordea Markets, and to know that all our hard work is appreciated. It may even help next year’s interns with their projects …

On Friday, which was our last day at Nordea Markets, we held a final presentation where we presented all the projects we’ve worked on throughout the summer, as well as our thoughts and experiences of the internship in general. It was a challenge fitting everything into a one hour presentation but we think (and hope) our audience was happy with the final product.

Afterwards, we were treated to a lunch with the management. During the lunch, they told us about the future of banking, and gave us some tips for our future careers as well as some good stories about the life as a banker in Nordea Markets. It was truly the perfect ending to our eight weeks internship.

Our final goodbye

To conclude, we’ve learned a lot throughout this internship. We have been challenged in several ways; from holding a presentation and argue well, to working on challenging cases such as making interest rate-, EURNOK- and oil price forecasts – or making benchmark models in order to present information of currency and interest rates hedging.

We would definitely recommend the Nordea Markets summer internship to all students looking for an exciting summer, and an opportunity to gain hands-on experience of how it is to work in a markets division. We give this program 10/10!

On behalf of all the Norwegian summer interns, we would like to thank you for following along this summer. And we hope you’ve had as much fun reading these blog posts as we’ve had telling our stories.

/ Anna and Andreas

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