NO #5: Q&A about their internship which so far “has exceeded all expectations”

Five weeks into their internship, Helene and Theo quiz each other about their experiences and expectations, surprises, excitements and learnings.

Helene Dorenberg and Theodor Olsen.

By Helene and Theodor – Q&A interview

We are currently working on a project for Sustainable Advisory where we help creating an ESG reference tool to score investors. And this week it’s our turn to write the weekly blog, and we decided to go with a Q&A about our time here at Nordea five weeks in to our internship.

What do you find particularly exciting about this ESG project for Sustainable Advisory?

Apparently, finance is, and will be, playing an important role in transitioning to more responsible economies. So, Nordea giving us the opportunity to work directly with their sustainability advisory team and potentially contribute to improved ESG practices, is an opportunity we genuinely appreciate.

Something we find especially exciting about our project, is the potential applicability of it. If we manage to build this reference tool properly, it could be used to more effectively determine where asset managers should direct their sustainability to ensure a material positive impact. Which we think should always be the end-goal.

Looking back at the internship so far, has it panned out as expected?

We did not exactly know what to expect but the internship so far has exceeded all expectations. What surprised us is how many different positions exist and how interlinked the different divisions and offices are both nationally and internationally.

So far, we’ve had sponsors that sit here in Oslo, as well as Ålesund, and in Copenhagen, and they’ve all been tremendously positive and engaging despite the geographical distances. It gives a feeling of being part of a larger Nordic establishment.

What’s it like working with the other interns, sponsors, and graduates?

–  Working with the other interns is something we’ve enjoyed quite a bit. As we’re mostly working in teams of two, it’s given us to time to both get to know each other quite well while improving our team working skills.

It’s been great sharing this experience with 5 other interns who you get to collaborate with, discuss our experiences with and of course take ice cream breaks with. The sponsors have also been great, Whenever one needs a short break, we can go over and ask what they are doing and they’ll gladly share. Everyone’s been really helpful, engaged, and friendly.

If there was one piece of advice you would give your “week-1- self”, what would it be?

– Helene: The first week, we were told all the time that we should actively go around and ask them about their job. Five weeks later, my advice to myself – and others – would be to take them up on that invite sooner, as I have experienced that everyone is so open and enjoy educating us on their field of expertise.

– Theo: I would tell myself to maintain a can-do attitude. Some projects and tasks might seem insurmountable when first confronted. However, as you start hacking away at a task, the path to completion will eventually present itself. Also, there are plenty of helpful people around to help you out (although it may not seem so at this picture of Helene and me here – but there is ;-).

/ Helene & Theo


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