Video: You invest your talent – we grow together

The NKH students Annveig Dullum and Tor Martin Austad were put to the task, filming the new Nordea Markets internship recruitment video.

Nordea Markets and Norwegian School of Creative Studies (NKH) may seem like a strange combination at first. But, when making Nordea Markets’ new internship recruitment video, bringing creative impulses from a completely different world could surely yield interesting results. The NKH students Annveig Dullum (Film) and Tor Martin Austad (3D and animation) were put to the task. Continue reading, as they share their ‘behind-the-scene’-story of making the video.


For us two simple NKF students, producing a recruitment video and thereby giving Nordea Markets a face to the public was a daunting task, we will admit. But we both love creative challenges, and this was one we absolutely could not miss out on.

The project started when we met up with the Senior Marketing Manager, Bianka Fjeld at the department in Oslo, who introduced us to their ideas. We got to hear about the main reasons of making a intern recruitment video, who the audience would be and how they would like Nordea Markets to be represented; not only as a great, international company that cares about their clients, but also a workplace that allow each personality to shine through. Other than that, the ball was on our court. The creative freedom and thereby the large amount of trust we were given was a pleasant surprise. Even though we were given a strict budget, they were always open-minded for all kinds of ideas.

To grasp the unfamiliar world of finance, it was vital for us to experience the trading floor up close. So, on the second visit we talked to a staff member on each of the different product areas, in addition a younger gentleman following the graduate program. We asked questions on what their job entailed and how it was to work at Nordea Markets. They all seemed to be proud employees and not afraid to brag a little extra about beeing a part of Markets and ‘running the world’.

A lot of time was spent trying to figure out in what direction we wanted to go. It had to be more edgy and daring than previous films made about the internship opportunities at Nordea Markets. From what we gathered after the meetings with Bianka Field and talking to the employees, we decided to make a short movie that was not full of information, but rather more original and full of impact. The focus was going to be on one person, the intern. Being the main character, we wanted the viewers to follow his development at Nordea Markets. From being insecure and inexperienced but with potential, then – after ‘swimming with the big fish’- , become confident, knowledgeable and competitive.

So, we had an idea. Now we needed to sell this idea to the marketing and employer branding managers before creating a script and storyboard. The pitching was done at their office over the intercom  where all the branding managers of Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark was present. Slides with moodboard and sketches were shown via Google Hangout at the same time (Moodboard, Sketches, e.l.). And we got the green light.

The shooting was done at the Stockholm trading floor. This was going to be a intensive trip where the scouting of the location was done the day we arrived and all the shots were taken the next day, making the flight back that evening. To pull this out we needed an extra help, so we brought with us the film student Lasse Heggen as our film photographer on set. Having arrived in Stockholm, appointed Martin Stolt greeted us and went through the important rules and regulations when filming inside the location. Given the severity of any trading information being leaked out, we always had to be aware what was caught on film and brought out of the building. Martin was also very helpful lending us his dress coat to the actor. Most of the equipment was brought from Norway, but we had to rent the big camera crane and the actor from Stockholm. The sight of the crane hovering above the work desks must have been a experience out of the ordinary for the employers, as well as for us.

Having the film material back to Norway we began the long work of post-production. This meant a lot of footage to go through, edit, color correct and not to mention the visual effects of adding the lions on the trading floor. We were a tiny bit worried if the main message of the video would not be picked up by the majority of the audience but feedback from friends and colleagues confirmed that they easily did; they enjoyed it. We hope you do as well.

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