Eventful and insightful graduate seminar – with a nice, fun twist

Every year, graduates meet for two days to learn about Nordea's value chain - and also to get career advice, to mingle and have fun.

Around 50 first-year graduate in Wholesale Banking (WB) – from all the Nordic countries – were gathered in Copenhagen for a couple of intense and insightful days. The program for this special, annual two-days event was packed with speakers from various WB units, such as Research and Markets Trading & Sales.

Furthermore, there was a value chain exercise where each graduate had to describe their place of work, their function in Nordea and how a normal day (if any) would look like. This exercise really started some knowledge sharing and understanding of the business as a whole, and we learned from the participating graduates that we talked to afterwards.

Below, you can read what some of the graduates thoughts about the two days; the highlights, learnings, surprises – and much more. Enjoy!

Inge Klaver, Nordea Research, Stockholm:
At the Wholesale Banking seminar we took two days to learn from senior colleagues and other graduates about the value chain in wholesale banking. Sitting on the trading floor every day, this was a valuable opportunity to get to know what everyone around me does and how it all hangs together in WB. Apart from presentations about the various departments, there was also room to receive career advice in general and learn about all the possible career paths in Nordea. And of course, it was great to be at the Copenhagen office and meet fellow Graduates from other areas of WB and discuss the day (and other things) over a nice dinner in the city centre.

Caroline Kihlgren, FX/MM Sales Denmark:
The seminar really improved my understanding of the ‘broader picture’ i.e. how Wholesale Banking fits into Nordea as a whole and its contribution to Nordea Group, the organisational structure, service model and strategic positioning.

It gave me a much better view of the different macro, regulatory, technological and capital challenges that we, as a bank, face and how we will strategically tackle these.

Considering the size and the complex set-up of WB, it was a great opportunity to get to meet and hear directly from the various stakeholders about their different units and everyday work.

It was a valuable opportunity to meet and network with the other graduates and the cross-group exercise we had, really gave us the opportunity to get insights to what people based in other parts of the value chain does and how their work can feed into my everyday work.

Graduates from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Poland networking in one of the breaks

Graduates from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Poland networking in one of the breaks

Mathias Nielsen, Nordea Research, Copenhagen:
Having the chance to spend two days on getting a better understanding of the value chain in our part of the bank was very helpful. I learned how the different parts of the value chain are interlinked to create the most value for our clients as possible.

Furthermore, I got a glimpse of what my fellow graduates and colleagues are working with, which is not always that easy to get a grasp around in an organisation with +30,000 employees. I also feel that the Wholesale Banking seminar offered us an excellent opportunity to expand our networks within the bank, which I believe will both benefit each of us individually and Nordea.

Lotta Lähteenmäki, Nordea Research, Helsinki:
I didn’t have high expectations for the Wholesale Banking seminar, but the overall picture it provided was extremely useful. To have a grasp of the different parts of the value chain makes it easier to understand how we co-operate and create value in Nordea.

After hearing the presentations from experienced, top-level professionals, it is easy to realize how much effort they are putting into Graduates. In addition, it’s of course always great to get to know other graduates and to learn more about their work.

Ricardo Sookdeo, Head of People, Wholesale Banking elaborates on the Nordea culture and discuss working environment and career opportunities with the graduates.

Ricardo Sookdeo, Head of People in Wholesale Banking, elaborates on the Nordea culture and discusses working environment and career opportunities with the graduates.

Aleksandra Maria Kjemhus, WBO Change, Copenhagen:
What I thought was really nice about the seminar was that you got to meet all the other graduates working in WB. It strengthened our understanding of WB and made it easier to “connect the dots”. It also showed that Nordea does value us as graduates in the sense that we got exposed to senior leaders which took the time to present and answer our questions.

On top of that it’s always nice to get to know new people over dinner and wine.

This is just one way that graduates at Nordea can get insightful information from leaders. Another is how they have the opportunity to attend cross-graduate events, such as with Carlsberg which two graduates have done – read how they got surprised, motivated and learned a lot!

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