Investment tips – from an expert to a student

As a student (probably with a limited budget) you’re perhaps wondering how to go about investing your money, wisely? Well, here goes ...

To invest your money at a young age, doesn’t have to be that complicated or risky – if you’re sensible and follow a few golden guidelines. In the video below, Andreas Østerheden sums up the dos and don’ts when investing as a student – although, the advice is applicable in general, no matter age and income.

However, as much as an investment is an opportunity to make your money multiply, there’s always a risk, whether you place your money in stocks or bonds or invest in exchange rate fluctuations and other investment products.

Get on top of it – see the video from Nordea Markets’ headquarters and Trading floor in Copenhagen, where Kristian (student at Nordea Markets) interviews Andreas about how and what to invest in as a student – which is something Andreas has gone through himself. It’s also a topic he talked about recently at a popular student network event in Copenhagen.

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Besides the investment tips in the video, Andreas also gives a few career tips below – and shares his own experiences from his career path which took off in Nordea when he was a student himself:

5 career tips 

  1. Invest time in finding out what interest you, and what you’d really like to do. This could for instance be rotating in a Nordea graduate programme or internship – and learn what development and career opportunities the organisation offers.
  2. When you know what you want, network and find the “right” people – and learn from them. Hard work and great skills can’t do it – remember to be humble and a team player.
  3. Be hungry and seek forward. Invest time in your career, be proactive (both in your current position and when seeking and getting your next job).
  4. Find your strengths and develop them further. And ask questions, be curious.
  5. Get a mentor – someone that you perhaps admire and would like to be like – and can use as sparring partner.

Short about Andreas and his career

Andreas works as Strategist in Asset Allocation at Nordea. His core focus is to offer and give Nordea customers the best possible investment advice, with a horizon of 3 to 12 months. Parts of Andreas’ daily work includes making investment strategies, monitoring the financial markets closely, following geopolitics critically, and above; helping Nordea’s clients in becoming wiser and more profitable investors.

Andreas has been with Nordea for 3½ years. He started in a graduate position just after finishing his degree, a Master of Science (MSc) in Economics from University of Copenhagen. If you’d like to know more about Andreas, check out Andreas’ LinkedIn profile.