It’s so different from theory

They’ve been with us for half a year as graduates now – and so, it’s perfect timing to check-in and hear how and what they’re doing.

Here’s a picture of some of this year’s Nordea Markets graduates. From top left Simon Møller Blok, Salla Lumiaho, André Lippert Wijeh. From bottom left Emil Pontus Larsson, Jakob Moos Larsen, Thea Stensaker, Fanny Sjöqvist, Ida Maria Paaby Porsager and Natalia Kornela Setlak.


This year’s graduates have been part of the Nordea family for the past six months. In a series of blogs from fellow-graduates, another family member, André has volunteered to let us in on his life as a graduate at Markets. André also reveals what’s so very different – and what fascinates him.

Psst: If you’re thinking of applying for the Nordea Graduate programme 2018 – you can get some tips & tricks from André and his graduate colleagues in our career blogs. By the way, the application period for the graduate programme 2018 kicks-off today, the 15th of December.



André Lipper Wijeh (27), FX Sales for institutional customers

Before starting as a graduate, I studied a BSc in Economics and Business Administration and an MSc in Finance and Investments at Copenhagen Business School.

I’ve worked in Nordea since September 2015, where I started as a student in Wholesale Banking Operations in the management group of Investor Solution & Services. One year later, I was fortunate enough to be offered a student position in Global Trading, where I assisted the management partners with all sorts of tasks and projects.

I was fascinated by the fast-paced environment and the ambiance on the trading floor.

I applied for my graduate position in Markets for several reasons. I was already familiar with Nordea and have enjoyed the working culture, responsibilities and the opportunities that my previous Nordea jobs have brought me. Additionally, I was always interested in financial products so a graduate position in Markets was an obvious choice.

School and business are different

In reality, so many things are different from the theory we learned in school. I feel that I’ve obtained a lot of knowledge, but I’ve yet many things to learn. During the graduate programme, I’ve developed myself and built a foundation for my future career both in terms of network and skills.

I’m working in FX Sales for institutional customers. On a daily basis, I keep myself updated on the market, advice and service customers, quote prices and run a few projects on the side.

Opportunities to network and learn

We’ve already had quite a few seminars; one just for Markets’ graduates, one for Wholesale Banking graduates and then one broader seminar for all graduates across the Nordic countries. All events and seminars provide a good opportunity to get to know your colleagues and to expand your network and knowledge.

The seminar for Market graduates gave us a good insight into our products, into what the individual desks do and how they work together.

Overall, it feels like there has been put a lot of effort and thoughts into the whole graduate programme.

The Wholesale Banking seminar provided knowledge on the value chain in Wholesale Banking and how the general transformation in the banking sector has affected the different units.

We’ve four seminars in the global graduate programme happening twice in Copenhagen, once in Helsinki and once in Oslo. The focus of these seminars is to get a broader knowledge on the bank and work on personal development.

If you want to become one of our Nordea graduates then the next application period runs from 15 December 2017 to 10 January 2018. Click here and read more.

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