The joy of learning something new

Monariina works at the Helsinki trading floor in the Advisory & Solutions team. Here, she tells about the joy of learning something new every day.

I write this blog post as a clarification for all who are curious about what I have actually been doing here at Nordea Markets for three months now: For those who know the company or me at some level and are interested or will probably apply here themselves at some point, and for those whose knowledge and interest of the banking industry is limited to the Wolf of Wall Street movie. Well, I am equally happy to share the same answer with all readers: I have been learning, nonstop.

Fortunately, I have two major requirements for a job: First, I want to go to work every morning because I enjoy it so much and second, I want to learn something new every day instead of learning at the beginning and just performing later on. Let’s evaluate if these requirements have been realized here at Nordea Markets.

This spring I was about to finish my fourth year as a finance student at Aalto School of Business in Helsinki. I realized that these four years had passed extremely fast while I was learning dozens of theories and formulas – I had only my Master’s thesis undone. To avoid my fate, at least for the coming summer, I decided to apply for Nordea Markets Future Finance Professionals program.

Unlike the impression that the picture may give you, no, we don’t play “Market Rally” and have a picnic in the sunshine. However, the picture describes well the atmosphere in the dealing room which is almost equally relaxed yet professional. Therefore, it is very pleasant to arrive at Nordea Vallila office every morning among our Advisory & Solutions team – to learn. There are just as many things to learn as you have time to learn each day, plus a few other things.

Our team’s main task is to develop, maintain and offer Nordea Markets 360° risk and cash management services for corporate customers. Some of our team members, including me, are specialized in developing analyzing tools for portfolio optimization to support the sales. I really enjoy the developing work and testing the results myself, and later see them in use in the daily sales activities.

The best thing here at Nordea Markets, and in everyday life in general, is the joy when you learn something new every day – whether it is only a short Excel formula, a whole new skill or maybe something about yourself, your friend or a colleague. For me, it is not just about theories and formulas anymore but the joy of discovering the real life in front of them.

Think for a moment – what have you learned today?

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