Jump in to the world of finance with our new FFP interns

They are all excited to kick-start their career and throw themselves in to the 'real' world of finance – facing challenges and opportunities.

Meet the next generation of Future Finance Professionals (FFPs) in Finland.

This year – before long – 20 interns look forward to starting their journey at Nordea Markets. And we are at least as excited as they are to have them on board and guarantee that they will learn from the best and make a difference throughout the summer.

In this article, you will meet some of the FFPs who are joining us in May for five months, and get to know what sort of profiles and personalities that we are looking for.

They’re excited to start – meet two of the new FFPs

Laura Lehti – Assistant Controller in Financial & Risk Control, Accounting

I will be working in Global Financial & Risk Information Control as a part of the Accounting Processes team. The team is involved in various development projects related to Nordea Markets’ accounting processes. I will be a part of assisting with month-end tasks and gaining more understanding about balance sheet control processes.

I applied to the programme because I wanted to take the next step towards a career in finance, and Nordea seemed like the ideal place to gain a broad view of the financial sector. I had also heard of other people’s good experiences with the FFP programme which motivated me to apply.

I am mostly looking forward to learning what working in the middle office means in practice. It is exciting to be able to apply the skills I have already learned and develop them further. I am also looking forward to learning more about Nordea as a whole, and gaining a wider insight about how Markets and the middle office work.

The learning curve is steep, and it will be challenging to learn all the new concepts and technical skills required, but I am excited to start learning and practicing.

Max Immonen – Assistant Analyst, Macroeconomic Research

I will be working in the Macroeconomic Research team. The team follows the macroeconomy and financial markets in general, providing insight for our Nordea experts and customers.

Working for Nordea Markets had been a goal of mine for a while. I had heard good things about the atmosphere in the FFP programme and that you get to do and see interesting things from day one, which isn’t a given in a trainee programme!

I look forward to working with the top tier pros and getting the chance to become one myself – someday. I’m also looking forward to seeing what events the “Fun Managers” have planned for us. The Fun Managers are previous FFPs who are now responsible for creating social events for us.

I think there will be tasks on some topics I might not have that much prior experience with which will be challenging. To overcome these challenges, I will ask help from my colleagues and push a bit harder to get it done.

What type of profile would match an FFP position at Markets?

Which university should you come from? Should you be a bachelor or master graduate? And what kind of profile, personality, skillset should you have?

These might be some of the questions that you considering before applying for a position. In the following, you might find the answers to your queries, giving you a better idea of how this year’s applicants ‘looked like’.

What characterises an FFP profile?

Since we recruit from the widest possible pool of candidates with varied backgrounds and profiles, there is no stereo FFP type as such – and in the end we hire the best person for the job. Still, we ask the question to give you an idea of how diverse our final FFP candidates can (and should) be.

From a demographic perspective, our applications come from across Finland, with a majority from Helsinki. The five main educational backgrounds are; finance, accounting, economics, industrial engineering & management and business administration.

However, diversity is high on our agenda, and so we are always looking for people with diverse backgrounds and personalities also since the various positions calls for different skillsets. For example, a middle-office candidate should often be more analytical in hers/his approach to tasks, whereas a sales candidate should be more outspoken – just to point out two factors out of many.

Coming back to our diversity and gender objectives, there was one thing that we found disappointing about this year’s pool of applicants; namely the gender combination. 82 % were male and 18 % were female, thus it was hard to reach a gender-balance for the final candidates.

Even though the distribution typically is more fifty-fifty between genders for the FFP programme, we continue our focus on getting more female applicants when the application period opens around October 2019 – hopefully improving this year’s imbalance.

Do you want to know more about the FFP programme?

The FFP programme starts beginning of May and ends during September – with flexibility in both ends. After five months of challenging and rewarding tasks – not to mentioning the fun times with networking and social events together with fellow FFPs and colleagues – 25-50% of our FFP interns get employed in full time positions at Nordea Markets.

For more information, you can read about our FFP programme – and have a look at the video with Henrik showing around at Markets Trading floor, telling about his FFP life at Markets.

We will be following the FFPs during the summer – so stay tuned!

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