Just try it – it usually results in something good

By Johannes Ivarsson

I’ve been very happy with all the positions I’ve had in Nordea but by taking the step early on in my career, I’ve had the opportunity to touch most areas in Nordea Markets.

My former manager actually initiated the job rotation process years ago when he sent me a link to a job position. “This might be too much of a senior position for you but you can always try and apply for it”, he said. My manager was happy with what I was doing and needed me in the team but he looked over his own needs and what was beneficial for him. I didn’t get the job but it planted the first seed in what later would result in me getting the opportunity to move to Copenhagen and start a new job at Nordea Markets as a dealer.

When you’re new, you’re typically thrown into business, which is of course good as you are more likely to learn things a lot quicker. But it’s also very much up to yourself to make sure that you don’t miss out on the basic details. At Nordea, they emphasise that you should take your time and learn at your own speed. This way, they make sure you learn things well instead of just rushing it. But the business still goes on, which is why you need to make sure you get the foundation right for both yourself and the organisation.

For people that have a lot of experience from a position, it can sometimes be hard for them to remember what is common knowledge and what is very specific things for that part of the bank, such as for example different terminologies and abbreviations. Therefor, it’s important that you ask questions – a lot of questions – when you start out to make sure you quickly get to a level of knowledge where you can participate in discussions and understand what everyone is talking about. Then you have a great platform to quickly accelerate your learning. Questions are always welcome but it’s you who will need to initiate it.

In terms of the move, it was all very convenient as Nordea helped me with it so I could focus on my first day at my new job. As for the language, I’m definitely struggling a bit – it’s easy enough to talk to my colleagues but understanding young Danes (and vice versa) can be quite the challenge. However, most trading related things are done in English here at Nordea Markets since it’s a well-diversified trading floor of nationalities so the language part isn’t really an issue.

I think moving to another country is more about being able to adapt to where you’re going. If you just adapt to it, you will make it good. Stockholm and Copenhagen are of course different in many ways but I don’t have a favourite; to me, they’re equally good in their own way. It doesn’t matter if you move within the country or between countries. The potential downside of moving by country or by desk is very small compared to the upside of it.

So if you’re considering rotating jobs, I only have one advice for you. Do it – even if it means you have to move to a different country. You have to take the initiative to do it but once you’ve done that, Nordea will be there to support you along the way.

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